10 Reasons Why We Love ‘Gossip Girl’

Gossip Girl Cast

Our first 2008 stylish entry is dedicated to our current fave TV teen drama, Gossip Girl. For those who love the fashion on ‘The OC‘ or ‘Sex and the City‘, there’s no doubt this is going to be one of the hottest TV shows this year. Voila! Gossip Girl premieres with flashier, chic, jaw-dropping styles to match its beautiful cast. There’s even a website, Gossip Girl Fashion that catalogues every style and fashion finds related to the show, woot.

So here it is, 10 reasons why we heart GG:

  1. Queen B
    Blair Waldorf may be a poor lil’ rich girl but she still looks fabulously chic. Her love for Audrey Hepburn reflects in her prim, and proper style choices. I heart the capelet that Blair is wearing from Trina Turk.


  2. I Dig Serena’s Electic Look
    GG’s stylist, Eric Daman gets his inspiration from Kate Moss when styling Serena van der Woodsen – mix-match designer with “dirty cut-offs”. I say, his experience on the set of ‘Sex and the City‘ has paid off – and he’s one of the hottest stylists to watch on Hollywood. Anyway, Serena always wears pretty everyday-clothes that you wish they miraculously appear in your wardrobe.


  3. Preppy is Yummy
    Think you’re too cool for school? With these pretty uniforms, you’ll never wanna take them off! So adorable and scandalously delicious at the same time.


  4. Headbands, for my Sweets?
    One of Blair’s signature accessories – the thick headband.


  5. Sleepover Parties!
    Who says you can’t look glamorous at sleepover parties? Blair’s blue Stretsis romper is crazily sexy – definitely, dress to impress. On the flip side, Jenny adopted the comfortable chic choice with a cute green sweater over her tank from Urbanoutfitters.


  6. Pretty Pretty Dresses
    I love all the dresses in this show. Serena looks divine in this gold sequined Tory Burch minidress over Wolford tights. Very Kate Moss, if you ask me.


  7. BFF: Best Friends Forever
    Aww. We love how BFFs be good and look good together. Friendship is priceless, and BFF’s love is irreplaceable. There are many good moments in GG that we love:


  8. Ooh La La Lingerie!
    Yes, there are several “hot” lingeries in GG. This sexy number worn by Blair in the ‘Wild Brunch’ episode is Sophie B‘s “In Love Again” Corset & Boyshort. Such a cutie!


  9. Lily-Rufus Dilemma
    The kids are not the only ones suffering from relationship problems. It seems like their parents are caught in their unresolved issues. FYI – We’re Team Lily-Rufus!


  1. Dan Humphrey, Dan Humphrey
    Who doesn’t love the adorable geeky boy-next-door? Enough said. He’s mine, not yours.


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