SFF08: Carlos Miele Spring/Summer 2008

Everytime I play word association with “Brazil”, I think VS models, samba and sexy sexy bikini bodies. Carlos Miele integrates his Brazillian culture and art into his creations “with cutting-edge technology and handcrafted luxury”. It’s no wonder that A-list stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria and Heidi Klum keep asking for more!

Sea of Blue
The brazillians love their sea and lounging by the beach. The colours of sea blue just spring out of the runway, and I simply love the flow of the fabric, and gorgeous colours. Fash-E’s favourite is definitely the off-shoulder mini dress. Just look at the swirls of different shades of blue, and grey – ooh, absolutely love it!

Nude & Neutral
As you can see, Carlos Miele doesn’t clashes his colours. He keeps his colour scheme very close to one another. The macrame dress paired with the bikini underneath is fabulous for the summer. The silhouette is really pretty. It’s all about the little details in his designs as you can notice the champagne skirt with crochet texture. Very subtle, quiet and charming.

Of Details & Texture
You can see why his designs are showcased in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. His collection is almost like a work of art. The layering & crochet creates an impeccable texture to the dress, that adds quality and sultriness to his work.

Clean Lines
I’ve always admired clean designs. I hate clutter (It’s embedded in my personality) but I love organized chaos. However, these evening gowns made an impressive impact with its sexy silhouettes & clean lines. Even the pewter, light grey and white colours are gorgeous. Very red-carpet worthy & you definitely won’t end up in Go Fug Yourself.

Colours & Prints
Fancy dresses that are more Brazillian-like and ultra-spicy? His flamboyant culture and Brazillian rhythm is expressed through these exuberant designs. He makes them flirty, loud and very feminine. My focus is drawn to the middle piece, bright blood orange sweetheart dress with rosette applique. What a stunner.

Enough of maxi dresses and evening gowns! Snip it short, and go mini with these cute pieces. It’s amazing how he could send his models down in flat thongs! His designs certainly embrace the beach, relaxed lifestyle of Brazil. Ahh, I am dreaming of Sao Paolo, white sand beaches and pina colada.

(Photos: Benjamin Seetor)