Singapore’s Top Fashion Faux Pas

I live in the city centre. Everyday, I walk around town and I see ‘clones‘ of one Singaporean female, to another. I remember the first time I came to Singapore in 2001, I was shocked to see thousands of The Ring‘s ‘Sadako‘ look-alikes (read: straight, rebonded long hair). To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between the girls on the street apart from what they’re wearing. One thing I discover after living here for almost 8 years, there are more trend-followers here, than trend-setters. This place lacks individuality, and inspiration – does this sounds bitchy?

Disclaimer: I based my theory on my everyday observations (I like to people-watch) – and I admit my opinion doesn’t apply to all. There are very unique, trendy individuals out there – I know, because I’ve seen them. I’ve seen the mods, the hippies, the Haji Lane peeps, and vintage-lovers. I respect their guts and ability to create their sense of style, and being original instead of imitating one another. It takes a whole lot of effort to be shop, dress up and define your idiosyncratic look. Most importantly, I love people who are original. You can’t buy originality. I don’t claim to be the most original or cutting-edge person ever. I’m dead lazy, so shoot me all you want. In Singapore, I don’t want to be caught dead in these:

The “Little Miss” T-Shirts

(Photo: 80stee)

On weekends, my boy and I will play a game “Spot the ‘Little Miss’ T-shirts” and our record count was: 36 in a single day. That figure scares the crap outta me. There are variations – you know, “Little Miss Stubborn” or “Little Miss Sunshine”. Maybe it’s a ‘same same but different’ syndrome. You tell me. It’s only a novelty to wear it when no one else is wearing it. I can almost draw parallel to the Giordano ‘ME’ shirts syndrome, many years back. Then again, the ‘ME’ shirts are fuglier.

“I am not a Plastic Bag”

(Photo: iamfashion)

I totally support the ‘going green’ movement. Anya Hindmarch‘s infamous ‘I am not a Plastic Bag’ canvas shopping tote was a craze awhile ago. The fakes arrived before the real thing – and you can buy it for less than $20 from pushcarts. I thought the idea of the bag was ingenious but soon after, it became the Celine Dion‘s ‘My Heart Will Go On’-version of bags. Everyone was carrying it – but I guess that’s the whole idea of the campaign right? I guess the brand name rings “luxury” in everyone’s ears… and eyes.

Hello, G-String & Buttcracks


How many times do we see this happening in school/work/Orchard Road? This famous fashion faux pas even happens to celebs (see Uma Thurman above) and I admit, it prolly happened to me at least once before. It’s not the prettiest view to see G-strings and buttcracks, unless you’re a VS model. So, to avoid committing this crime – do wear a belt, or a longer top to cover your “precious” butt.

I could think of more fashion faux pas such as plastic “invisible” bra straps that is sooo passe, or knee high boots with ultra-mini shorts (too pornstar, in my opinion). I guess the list goes on, fashion is still subjective right? But, don’t make it an eyesore.

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