Trendspotting: Hippie Headbands

You know what’s hot? I’m seeing hippie headbands making waves in fashion blogs and lookbooks. I can tell you that I’m absolutely digging this style. It’s a simple accessory that adds a vintage touch and brings out the bohemian princess in you! Forget about thick, colourful headbands ala Gossip Girl - because the 60s are back to style your lovely mane.

(Photos: Littledoe)

Based on Lulu of Everybody is Ugly‘s recommendation, Littledoe is an amazing fashion discovery! It makes be want to wear a unique headpiece like tomorrow (if I get my hands on one, or… DIY!). The lookbook is sooo beautiful, and it has such a surreal look or treatment. Anyway, Littledoe headpiece is “one of a kind and entirely handmade from the highest quality antique materials”. Do contact them if you want your very own.

(Photos: Fashion Toast)

Rumi from Fashion Toast also sported a thin braided hippie-like headband for her vintage eBay shop, Treasure Chest Vintage. She’s prolly one of the more stylish fashion bloggers around – and I really like her sunshine-kissed skin tone and long blonde hair. Sigh, I wish my hair is longer. Another thing about hippie headbands – they do look better on silky long hair. Adds to the bohemian flavour.

(Photo: Fabsugar)

Here’s an example of headband crime commited by our dear Mary-Kate Olsen when she wore an 60s-inspired Marc Jacobs headband from his Fall ’08 collection. The fashion forward Olsen, basically jumpstarted the trend – in a rocky and err… furry fashion. When Rock.The.Trend blogged about this, I thought maybe I couldn’t get used to the idea of a furry headband – on a hindsight, I think it’s fug-ing fugly. I like my hippie headband thin, and pretty – not like some roadkill.

Here’s a weekend D-I-Y project for moi: Create my own Hippie headband. Anyway, Happy Labour Day! Woot.

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  2. Hippie Headbands are definitely in and feather headbands are everywhere. I love reading about the latest headband styles and this is a great post! You are so right, it seems like Gossip Girls alone brought back bow headbands. I can’t complain, I love headbands :)

  3. Same here! I absolutely love headbands – if only my ears aren’t sticking out like Mickey Mouse, I would love to wear them everyday!

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