Summer Swim Swim Essentials

Waffle Swim Cap with Chin Strap

I LOVE SUMMER. The weather is hot (even though the heat is kinda killing me!), and it’s always fun to hit the pool during this time of the year. listed the summer’s most wanted and I call it the ‘swim swim’ essentials. Are you ready to make a big splash?

I’m a big fan of one-piece swimwear. Live you pinup fantasies with this La Veddette’s Jane polka dot swimsuit which I’m crushing on! Or, get trigger-happy with this quirky camera print swimsuit *snap*snap*

How can you live without the necessary accessories? The sunnies! And, funky shoes! Look ultra-cool with these Karen Walker Deep Freeze sunglasses. I want to get my hands on these sleek black Opening Ceremony shoes.

More hot one-piece suits! Perfect to hide that bulge and add a little mystery to your nekkidness. If only Singapore carries American Apparel Nylon Tricot Bandeau Swimsuit, sigh. Or look innocent in white in this Lover Crochet swimsuit. Are we hitting the pool yet?