Rockin’ With Ash @Fort Canning

Firstly, EXAMS ARE FINALLY O-V-E-R! So, guess what I was up to last night? I went to Ash concert at Fort Canning Green. Yes, I went to a rock concert on the night before my exam. And, there’s the Singapore Beer Festival – haha. Talk about getting smash before the big paper! Well, who cares? I spent the entire day studying – and I deserved a break. Plus, it’s a job.

That’s me and my trusty pink notebook (Journalism 101). I’m ready to rock!!

Dress with star scarf from Depression. Tights from Takashimaya. Black Mary-Janes from Bianca. Pearl necklace (as bracelet) from Diva.

This is my boozer “photographer”. We initially found ourselves at the wrong entrance (Singapore Beer Festival) and got press passes for an event we were not invited to! Someone’s happy about that, as you can tell.

The opening act, Fishtank. They’re a really awesome local punk-ska band – do check them out! Very catchy tunes, and alot of charisma. They’ve been around for a decade! I highly recommend their music. Makes you go Electrico who?

I don’t get it. Why are Singaporeans sooo ‘tame’ at gigs? It’s a rock gig for pete’s sake! Get off your lazy butts, people! Start moshing and tear the place down! The security guards had a cruisy night, trust me.

I’m in love with Tim Wheeler, he’s stillllll so hot! I mean, I was 13 when I first heard Ash‘s “1977” album. And, this is the closest I’ll ever get to him. I was ‘right’ in front of him – thanks to my “photographer” pass. My small Panasonic Lumix looked super lame next to the professionals. Dammit. But, I still love my camera.

I had such a fun night – Ash played a good mix of their old, popular singles and some new stuff (obviously, I’m quite unfamiliar with them). I thoroughly like ‘Kungfu’, Girl from Mars’, ‘Shining Light’, ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’. I noticed that the crowd are mor familiar with the old stuff as well.

Yeah, the people finally got on their feet and hands waving in the air.

They’re such genuine guys, I’m positively sure. All three of ‘em took a bow before they leave the stage. Then, the cry for encore (I mean, they haven’t played ‘Burn Baby Burn’) which only took two minutes before the band took the stage again. Nice! ASHHHHHHHH!!!!

My Bianca shoes are ruined by the end of the day with multiple scratches. Do not wear new shoes to a gig. I left with one ear deaf, and a little high from the alcohol and good music. I woke up this morning hung over, and I had a bloody good exam – life couldn’t be better. Enjoy your weekend, people!