Fash-Obsession: Who Let The Dogs Out?

*woof*woof* I’m not always a crazy cat lady. I do have a soft spot for dogs. This blog post is solely inspired by my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Pickles Flat Coin Purse which just arrived a few days ago from Shopbop. Lucky for me, it is sold out. Of course, if you still want to get your hands on these cuties – head over to my-wardrobe.com. The obsession doesn’t end there. I have been lusting after Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt because it’s absolutely rad! If you are having a doggy fever like me, scroll down and drool all you want:

Givenchy Rottweiller Fall 2012

Givenchy: Rottweiler T-Shirt (£200.00), Rottweiler iPhone 4 Case (£100.00) Rottweiler Printed Medium Shoulder Bag (£695.00).

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Shorty & PicklesMarc by Marc Jacobs: Shorty iPhone Case (US$48.00), Pickles Flat Coin Purse (US$68.76) & Quentin Mash Up Tote (US$68.00)


From left: Whistles Dog Sweater (S$274.69), ASOS Regal Dog Necklace (S$76.91), Donna Wilson Exclusive to ASOS Sausage Dog Scarf (S$69.22), Ted Baker Cottcon Dog Ikon Bag (S$76.91), ASOS Sausage Dog Ring Holder (S$32.96).

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