Dos & Don’ts: Spring 2013 Hottest Hair Trends

It’s time to freshen your mane for the New Year. I have a couple of bold ideas for myself – platinum blonde? I don’t believe I’ll be growing my hair out anytime soon. Whether you’re up for a major change or work with what you have, let’s check out the Dos and Don’ts for Spring 2013 hottest hair trends:

2013 Hair Trends: Knot

#1: The Knot

Do: This year, keep the knot tight, neat as styled by Givenchy (left). It’s sweet and chic. Don’t: That top knot has got to go. Really. I don’t want to see it on another street style blog for at least a year.

2013 Hair Trends: Pixie

#2: The Pixie

Do: Keep it super, duper short like Rihanna. Of course, you’ve to create texture to add dimension to your hair. Don’t: If your name is Miley Cyrus, DON’T (with bold and caps).

2013 Hair Trends: Low Pony Tail

#3: The Low Pony

Do: Keep your pony tail low and classy. It looks best when you have stick, straight hair.
Don’t: High pony tail. It’s sooooo 2009.

2013 Hair Trends: Slick

#4: The Slick Back

Do: Rag & Bone (left) does the “wet, slick” hair best at their Spring 2013 show. Don’t: Erm, just don’t end up looking like Jada Pinkett Smith.

2013 Hair Trends: Platinum

#5: The Platinum

Do: Yes, the color of 2013 is platinum blonde. It’s going to be a painful but rewarding journey.
Don’t: Enough with the dip-dyed rainbow hair. You’re not a My Little Pony, for goodness sake.

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