The Battle of the iPhone Cases: Moschino’s Luisa VS Nicopanda’s Zombie Panda

Alright, this is a serious showdown. Let’s gather around for the *drums roll* … The Battle of the iPhone Cases: Moschino‘s Luisa the Goose iPhone case vs Nicopanda‘s Zombie Panda iPhone case. It’s not just a popularity contest so may the best winner… win.

Moschino Luisa the Goose iPhone 4 / 4S Case

Move over Gennarino, your girlfriend’s in town! Luisa the Goose is one of the best iPhone cases – like ever. Best of all, you can buy two version – for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. I mean c’mon… Luisa is hugging your phone. Like how cute is that? Good news, Moschino‘s Luisa the Goose iPhone cases go on sale worldwide at the end of January. Start to count down.

Nicopanda Zombie Panda iPhone Case

Who doesn’t love ZOMBIES? Nicopanda‘s Zombie Panda iPhone case is too cool for school. This squishy silicone iPhone case is only available for iPhone 4 / 4S. Oh well, I am currently using an iPhone 5 – so, this one’s out for me. Priced at USD85.00 and available in two colours – black and blue/white. Time to place your order now!

And the winner is… Moschino‘s Luisa the Goose! Just because there is an iPhone 5 version. Hah.

images: Moschino & Opening Ceremony

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