Wearing Pyjamas Outside the Bedroom?

Rihanna in Emilio Pucci Fall 2012

When Rihanna started attending film premieres in sleepwear at the end of last year, the fashion world sat up and took notice. Pyjamas are becoming more than just the ideal ensemble for wearing around the house on a lazy Saturday – they’re well on their way to becoming a wardrobe essential.

There’s a whole range of activities that pyjamas are perfect for. Next time you pick up some pyjamas at Very.co.uk, consider just how versatile they are:


Yoga Pyjamas

People are generally encouraged to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes for their yoga classes at the gym – pyjamas are the perfect attire. When you need to do big bends and stretches, a good pair of pyjamas will maintain your modesty while allowing you to get into the most difficult of positions.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski Pyjamas

If you want to try your hand at skiing or snowboarding but would rather not splash out hundreds of pounds on expensive gear, you can easily improvise. Get a good pair of waterproof nylon trousers, which can be reused even if you don’t hit the slopes again. Underneath you want to keep warm, so you’ll need another layer – pyjama bottoms will keep you comfortable and warm.

Pyjama Party

Pyjamas at Very.co.uk

Parties can have all kinds of themes and dress codes so why not throw a pyjama party? Hark back to your school days and sleepovers by asking guests to don pyjamas at the next gathering in your home. It might not be as classy as a black tie event but your pyjama party may well prove more relaxing and enjoyable – for the guests and yourself.


Chic Gardening

You can buy heavy duty gardening trousers (especially handy if you’re tackling a particularly thorny garden) but wearing pyjamas can prove less restrictive. You can easily get into the right position for pruning your bushes, and even if you get them muddy, they’ll come out of the wash looking right as rain. Just ignore any funny looks you might get from the neighbours.

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