Keep Warm with Thermal Underwear

The UK was hit with heavy snow through January, and it looks like February will see us enduring even more frosty conditions. While a good covering of snow can be great fun when it comes to snowball fights and building snowmen with the kids, it can make it difficult to keep warm.


Thermal Underwear – Trousers

Thermal underwear might not have the most glamorous of reputations, but it’s definitely your friend in frosty weather. Keep warm in thermal underwear from ASDA this February, and beat the winter chill.

You might be pleasantly surprised when browsing the thermal underwear at George, as you’ll find some good looking styles available. The Striped Thermal Long Johns are the perfect example, sporting a navy and grey stripe and grey waistband. At just £10, they’ll keep you toasty warm under your trousers, and hold their own in the style stakes – should you choose to show anyone, that is!

If you have plainer tastes, you’ll find black heat retaining long johns (£10) and thermal long johns in grey and white (£8) available.

On the other hand, if you want to indulge your fun side (in an, oh so practical way!) pick up a pair of character long johns to put a smile on your face. SpongeBob SquarePants long johns are available at ASDA for £10.

Thermal Underwear – Tops

On top, a form-fitting thermal t-shirt will keep out the cold. A simple black, short sleeved style will go under everything from work wear to workout wear. Also available at ASDA George in grey and white for (£8).

For smaller budgets, two packs of white thermal t-shirts can be picked up for just £5 – ideal if you need lots of thermal wear (if you have an outdoor job for example).

Long sleeved thermal tops are also available, in white, grey and black, to keep arms covered and warm.

An alternative to cotton thermals are heat retaining garments. Supersoft and lightweight, you’ll find these in a variety of colours from ASDA, including classic black, blue and even plum.

Base layer performance tops are a sportier alternative, designed to not only improve insulation but also control moisture. These items are ideal for those who like to play outdoor sports or run throughout the winter months, and will maintain optimum body temperature and comfort.

Thermal Socks

While wellington boots might be a practical, waterproof option in the snow, they’re not the best at keeping your feet warm. Pop on a pair of thermal socks underneath to keep toes toasty! Thermal socks are also ideal for layering with your slippers indoors when it’s chilly underfoot – especially good for those with wood or stone flooring at home!

Ladies who want to keep warm under their workwear should also consider picking up a pair or two of thermal tights. Available up to 300 denier at ASDA they have the added bonus of being near impossible to ladder or snag!

Keep warm in thermal underwear and enjoy the snow while it lasts!

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