Rock Your K-Style with Headline Seoul

Whoever hasn’t caught the Hallyu bug must be living under a big, gigantic rock. Co-created and owned by Ann Kositchotitana in Singapore and Brandon Hong from Korea,  HEADLINE™ SEOUL is the latest high street label inspired by Seoul’s hottest fashion and international runway trends. This could be Asia’s answer to ZARA. Whether you are a fan of Clean Classics, Girly Chic or Trend-Led collections, there is something for everyone. I was invited by Headline Seoul along with 9 other tastemakers for an exclusive photo shoot. Basically, we had to style our own Headline Seoul look and tonight, we will all be celebrating Headline Seoul official opening at Wheelock Place (#B2-09/10). Come check it the store out!

Headline Seoul - Annabel Tan

Annabel Tan, public affairs executive. Wearing Headline Seoul’s doughnut dress, double diamante, diamante spike necklaces.

“Since I was a child, I’ve spent hours putting together outfits for my mum, my dolls and close friends. Headline Seoul appeals to me as it seamlessly marries wearable silhouettes with a quirky style, adding a dose of fun to function.”

Headline Seoul - Cheryl Desiree Chan

Cheryl Desiree Chan, aka DJ Desire, Ms Singapore Global Beauty 2012. Wearing Headline Seoul’s floral-smocked dress, titanium cuboids necklace.

“I love music and sing and dance all over my house, even in the kitchen and the shower. I also love the feminine detailed prints and cannot get enough of the refreshing mints and coral pinks of the Headline Seoul brand.”

Headline Seoul - Dewi Tiara

Dewi Tiara, SMU undergrad, cheerleader and beauty pageant Ms Popularity winner. Wearing Headline Seoul’s power frill top, floral shorts, scarf belt, square bracelet.

“I need a team of strong bases for successful cheerleading stunts. Headline Seoul’s bright pastel colours always suggest that spring is around the corner, which is a great foundation for wardrobe-building.”

Headline Seoul - Janie Cai

Janie Cai, fashion director, Esquire Singapore. Wearing Headline Seoul’s single-frill top, paperbag pants, shine cardigan, owl bracelet.

“Shopping can be a challenge for me as I prefer tailoring and male ensemble dressing. Since nothing about Headline Seoul manifests an overtly strong statement, I could find cool pieces to make my own.”

Headline Seoul - Wottoncool

Josephine Lau, florist. Sarah Tan, PR executive. Cofounders of Jo: Headline Seoul’s “woolly” top and skirt. Sarah: Headline Seoul’s racer-back dress.

“I like flowers to look as nature intended when I design my displays. Headline Seoul also keeps it basic for wearers to re-invent themselves.”
“Clean and neat construction, details and lines describes Headline Seoul’s and my style.”

Headline Seoul - Linda Hao

Linda Hao, one-half of DJ TwoFace/stylist. Wearing Headline Seoul’s star shine top, black crystal necklace, and diamante spike necklace.

“Headline Seoul has such a sweet, pretty touch which perks up the style of the everyday working lady. Its distinctly pastel colour palette also shouts outyouthfulness.”

Headline Seoul - Tay Ke Xin

Tay Ke Xin, singer/songwriter, with her first EP release titled Get Set, Go. Wearing Headline Seoul’s asymmetric knit top, earth print shorts, enamel bracelets.

“My message from my first release is to strive to be yourself in order to shine thus I am drawn to this new Korean fast fashion label because I can just relax and have fun with its punchy pastels and groovy yet girlish styles.”

Headline Seoul - Shine

Shine, freelance model and drama artiste. Wearing Headline Seoul’s double-collar top, textured knit fitted skirt.

“I have been performing since I was 10 because I love to engage with people; when I dress up, I do not follow the trends as much as I am guided by my instincts to look good and make everyone around me feel good.”

Headline Seoul - Sonia Chew

Sonia Chew, 987Fm’s newest and youngest radio DJ. Wearing Headline Seoul’s star top, pearls-on-spikes necklace, multi-weave bracelet.

“I am adventurous when it comes to fashion as I get bored easily and am always looking for new looks. That’s why I wear an undercut as well as the Headline Seoul label – it’s neat and preppy vibe compliments my personal style.”

Headline Seoul - X-Wen

X-Wen (me! me! me!), founder of Wearing Headline Seoul’s watermelon shirt, diamante spike necklace, multi-weave bracelet.

“Headline Seoul’s a label to express yourself and dress like a fashion chameleon. It’s girly chic yet also modern and fun – take my cute watermelon shirt, for example! There are also lots of roomy, flowy tops for comfort dressing.”

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