GOOD Amulets from The Damn Good Shop

What Good Have You Done Today? It’s an essential question to ask yourself every single day. Why not get one of these GOOD Amulets to remind you? I was super thrilled when I first saw GOODSTUPH founder, Pat Law wearing one of  the GOOD Amulets, at her party a couple months ago. Now, I have my very own White protective charm to “ward off bad luck, evil spirits and all the bad joojoos”. Inspired by the early civilizations’ idolization of these mystical charms, these GOOD Amulets are uniquely carved by the awesome woodcarvers at GoodWood in New York. Available in five different colours: Red / The Bold Visionary, Black / The Unwavering Mastermind, White / The Innocent Idealist, Natural (wood) / The Stubborn Realist & Green / The Powerful Conceptualist.

Priced at S$59.90 each, it’s a small price to pay for your own protection. Available online at The Damn Good Shop.


The Good Amulets

The Good Amulets

images: The Damn Good Shop

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