AFF 2011: What I Wore to Emanuel Ungaro A/W 2011

FINAL DAY! Once again, Rouge World dressed me up in this Bolongaro Trevor Albacore slip which I wore over my black Topshop maxi and ASOS platform wedges. You’ve no idea the ‘fear’ I had to overcome to wear this on public transport (don’t ask). It’s a gorgeous slip and then again, I’m not a style risk taker. This slip is not available for sale here but you can find the rest of the Bolongaro Trevor S/S 2011 collection at Society of Black Sheep (#B1-64 Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppe) – you will be in awed!

Bolongaro Trevor Albacore slip

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: ASOS

Photo: Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2011 Closing Show: Emanuel Ungaro A/W 2011 feat. Sheila Sim

It has been an amazing yet tiring week of Audi Fashion Festival 2011. What better to close this momentous event with Emanuel Ungaro A/W 2011 with Creative Director Giles Deacon and Singapore’s top model Sheila Sim. Rumour has it that this is ‘possibly’ Sheila Sim’s last runway show – before her next career step into the unknown. Is this true? I’ve no idea. I felt a little sad actually that AFF was coming to an end. I wish I had more fun this year like the previous years – I guess I need more party kakis. The atmosphere is definitely different this year. It’s not something that I can put my finger on it.

Let’s talk about the collection: FIERCE-SOME! SEXY! OUT OF THIS WORLD! There is a futuristic, Terminator feel with the chains, dominatrix shoulders and slick-back hair. The sheer lace (it’s not like we haven’t seen this before!), fur and flowy printed dresses brought out the softer side of the A/W 2011 collection. I have four words: Giles Deacon is genius.

Photos: Zimbio

AFF 2011: Raoul A/W 2011

Finally. Just one show before the Blueprint preview party kick starts: Raoul A/W 2011 collection at the Audi Fashion Festival 2011. The show started with complete minimalism – white, beige, black before the solid colours like green, purple and red. There were some prints. That’s about it. Let’s see, it’s office-wear chic. For a runway show, I think it’s pretty boring because nothing really excites me about Raoul’s collection. If the clothes were hanging on a rack in their boutique, I would probably buy them. There needs to be a “wow” factor that draws my attention to a ‘dream’ rather than just a shopping list.

Photos: Zimbio

AFF 2011: What I Wore to Antonio Berardi A/W 2011

Day Five! This time, Rouge World dressed me in Bolongaro Trevor Botanical Printed Dress from the S/S 2011 collection – it’s available at Society of Black Sheep (#B1-64, Marina Bay Sands’ The Shoppes) . The thing is, the dress was kinda BIG for me – it’s made for really tall people! So I wore a Uniqlo top underneath it and taped the top of the dress – to keep it in place. I added a black belt from Giordano Concepts – so I don’t look like I’m drowning in the dress.

Dress: Botanical Printed Dress from Bolongaro Trevor

Top: Black Heatech from Uniqlo

Belt: Giordano Concepts

Bag: Chanel 2.55

Sandals: Glassons

Dr Georgia Lee made an appearance!

Oli Pettigrew was dressed by Wykidd Song.

Photos: Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2011: Francis Cheong Couture feat. Christy Chung

I didn’t attend the Francis Cheong Couture show at Audi Fashion Festival 2011 as I was too tired, and ready for bed. Hong Kong superstar and ambassadress of Marie France Bodyline, Christy Chung walked in the finale of the show is not only the highlight of the show. Local celebrities such as Irene Ang, Nadya Hutagalung and Pamelyn Chee also strutted down the runway in couture. I never thought I would say this but I’m actually diggin’ some couture pieces from this collection. Here are some of my favourites:

Photos: Zimbio

AFF 2011: Antonio Berardi A/W 2011

What can I say. I want EVERYTHING from Antonio Berardi A/W 2011 collection. I was literally having a fashion orgasm in my seat at last night’s show at Audi Fashion Festival 2011. The collection was fierce, immaculate yet seductive. From studs to sheer lace, Antonio Berardi knows what the contemporary women want. The shapes and silhouettes are cutting-edge and on trend. It’s no wonder why Dr. Georgia Lee decided to make an appearance at this show in a shiny black number.

Photos: Zimbio

AFF 2011: What I Wore to Missoni A/W 2011

Day One! I was excited and I decided  to wear this dress by Surface to Air from TANG+Co. I love the silky fabric, the print and of course, the back (which can’t exactly be seen in this picture – boo!). The tricky part about wearing this dress is – which bra should I wear? HAHA, I’m not gonna tell you what I did with it. Let’s just say it’s a secret called Hollywood Fashion Tape. Every woman’s must-have, in my book!

Dress: Surface to Air from TANG+Co

Bag: Wendy Nichols from Doorstep Luxury

Shoes: Chloe

Photo: Janice Liu

AFF 2011: alldressedup A/W 2011

Yesterday’s alldressedup A/W 2011 show at Audi Fashion Festival reintroduced femme fatale in the 40s/50s – sexy, mysterious and maybe, a little eviiillll. Think Beatrix a.k.a. The Bride in Kill Bill. Rita Hayworth in Gilda. Kathleen Turner in Body Heat. I love the blood, cold red lipstick paired with the 40s rolled fringe with long flowy hair. Genius! The alldressedup collection is full of prints, flowing sensual silhouettes and statement necklaces. There are so many wearable pieces that you will definitely want for your everyday wardrobe. I personally want those printed shorts! I can’t get enough of those.

Photos: Janice Liu

AFF 2011: What I Wore to Greyhound A/W 2011

Day Four! Thanks to TANG+Co for dressing me in this sweet, pink Tara Jarmon top. It was the end of the day – my hair was flat, my eyes were tired and my brain was having a Greyhound orgasm. Best of all, I was all geared up for the next day – everyone say it with me, “PUBLIC HOLIDAY”!

Top: Tara Jarmon from TANG+Co (Level 2, Tangs)

Bottom: b+ab from Hong Kong

Handbag: Jeremy Scott for Longchamp

Shoes: Studio Tangs

Photo: Janice Liu

AFF 2011: Greyhound A/W 2011

BEST. SHOW. TO DATE. Greyhound A/W 2011 show last night was one of the highlights of this year’s Audi Fashion Festival. The invited guests were a stylo mylo bunch (sorry, there has been a style drought at AFF 2011). The runway stage is stunning – with a military-like net suspended from above. Everyone wondered how the models are walking down the runway. I even thought at some point, they might light the net on fire or something. Anyway, the show started with loud, indie music as the models floated down the runway in a zombie-like fashion. I LOVE IT. The collection reminded me of the hippie Woodstock days with the John Lennon glasses, Yoko Ono’s long straight hair, ‘Peace’ cut-outs and yes, loads of love and flowers from the backpacks. I LOVE THE EXPERIENCE OF THE SHOW. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can’t get enough of Greyhound, literally. I’m still buzzing from the show until today and that’s the truth.

You can find the Greyhound S/S 2011 collection from TANGS Style Space on 4 now, just arrived not too long ago!

Photos: Janice Liu

AFF 2011: Tiffany & Co. feat. Vera Wang from The Link Wedding

Every girl fantasizes of that ‘dream’ ring and wedding gown. I can sum that up in five words: Tiffany & Co. and Vera Wang. Enough said. It’s the epitome of romanticism in New York City and last night’s show at Audi Fashion Festival 2011 recreated the ‘dream’ moment that makes every girl goes “AWWWWW….” (you bet they did!). I’m pretty glad my wedding(s) are over, otherwise I would be taking notes like a bridezilla (and my maid-of-honour cum photographer won’t be happy either… anyway, she was taking notes last night!).  The show kick started with a girl sitting on a bench, and a god-sent gorgeous man walking down the runway with a Tiffany box. Gosh, aren’t we suckers for romantic moments? Of course, he gave her the box and a kiss – life is unfair, ladies and gentleman.

The highlight of the show was the magnificent 28-carat kashmir blue sapphire paired with a black Vera Wang gown. Personally, I fell in love with the grey Vera Wang gown – so flirty and different from the conventional wedding gown. Here are the photos from last night’s show – ladies, brace yourself:

Photos: Janice Liu

AFF 2011: What I Wore to Erdem A/W 2011

Day Two! Thanks to TANG+Co once again for dressing me with this gorgeous silky, emerald Tibi dress to Audi Fashion Festival 2011. Here’s a funny story, I broke my heels en route to the TANGS“I Am Asia” show last Saturday and had to get this pair of black platform wedges from Studio Tangs. It’s the most comfortable pair of wedges ever!  So, here’s what I wore to the Erdem A/W 2011 show last Saturday:

Dress: Tibi from TANG+Co (Level 2, Tangs)

Handbag: (wrong way round, yikes!) Shanghai Tang

Shoes: Studio Tangs

Photo: Janice Liu