Fash-Review: Jet PR3 Facial at Jet Concepts

Who doesn’t love a good facial? Lucky me, I was invited to try Jet Concepts‘ latest Jet PR3 Facial, a 60-minute treatment that aims to protect, repair, regenerate and revitalise skin. This powerful anti-aging facial treatment intensely cleanses and preps skin with the Jet Stream device from Israel and treats skin with the Jet Dual Ray machine from the US, a first in Singapore! Here are the three steps of the Jet PR3 Facial:

  1. DEEP CLEANSE: Exclusive to Jet Concepts, the Jet Stream device helps clear sebum, dead skin cells and dirt from deep within pores. It works just like a vacuum cleaner to fully prep your skin for the absorption of the Liquid Laser Essence (more about this later!).
  2. NOURISH: The spa-grade Liquid Laser Essence is massaged into your skin. This water-based essence contains five unique active ingredients including apple stem cells (repair, renew and increase life span of aged skin cells), hexapeptides (aid cellular growth for younger looking skin), active hyaluronic acid (restore balanced water levels for brighter and more supple skin), fermented resveratrol (firms skin and combats wrinkles and fine lines) and caviar (healthy cell metabolism).
  3. DUAL WAVELENGTH LIGHT: The Jet Dual Ray is the first in the industry to blast powerful red and infrared light energies to stimulate skin cells. This light helps increase the absorption of the active ingredients of Liquid Laser Essence. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes and finishes off with a stimulating acupressure massage.

Scroll down for my Fash-Review. The 60-minute Jet PR3 Facial is available at S$238 for an introductory session (U.P. S$480), the results can last up to a month.

  Jet Concepts Wheelock Place

Jet Concepts‘ flagship stores located at #03-03 Wheelock Place (Tel +65 6733 7055), #B2-20/21 Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-20 12 Katong and #B2-20/21 313 Somerset.

Jet PR3 Facial at Jet Concepts

Jet PR3 Facial: Before and After.

Fash-Review: The Jet PR3 Facial promises instantly brighter and more luminous skin that lasts up to a month. My skin has been breaking out for the past month due to stress and lack of sleep (damn you, new pillow!). As compared to my first Jet Concepts facial experience, this was much more pleasant experience. I was worried that the Dual Wavelength Light would sting my sensitive cheeks as you can see, it’s a little red in the photo above. Surprisingly, it did not sting that much. I suffered some tenderness on my left cheek bone area but it was fine after a day. I love the Jet Stream! I could just picture the dirt being sucked out of my pores *evil laugh* and this really helped clear my blackheads and pimple area. I would definitely recommend this facial for ladies my age (yes, 30s and above) as your skin will be rejuvenated and brighter after one session. It has been two weeks and I’m still feeling the benefits. TWO THUMBS UP!

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Fash-Review: Madonna Oxygen Rejuvenating Infusion Facial at Sccube The Apothecary

Ooh, the festive season is just around the corner. Is your skin ready for all the celebrations? Lucky for me, I was treated with the exclusive Madonna Oxygen Rejuvenating Infusion Facial at Sccube The Apothecary located at #05-25 Ngee Ann City in the heart of Orchard Road. This 75-min facial by Intraceutical Facials aim to give you the ultimate hydrated, clear, fresh and glowing skin. Intraceutical’s Oxygen Facial uses pressurized oxygen along with Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate specially formulated infusions deep into dermis. Infusions contains vitamins A, C and E, antioxidant, botanicals amino peptides to target specific skin conditions. It’s no wonder that celebrities such as Madonna, Miranda Kerr and Naomi Campbell swear by it!

Fash-Review: Let’s start from the beginning. You know you’re getting a good facial just from the touch of your beautician and the products used. I was told that my skin is pretty dehydrated and this is the perfect facial for me with a little adjustments on the skincare products. After cleansing and exfoliating, I was introduced to the Intraceuticals and my beautician demonstrated the airbrush-like wand that infuses pressurized oxygen and Hyaluronic Acid into your skin. It doesn’t hurt at all but it felta little ticklish at times. I could immediately see my pores and lines minimized and of course, my skin was much more hydrated. After that, my beautician applied a layer of dr. brandt‘s detoxygen experience facial mask on my skin for 5-minutes to immediately brighten up my skin. The result was instant. I LOVE IT. This is definitely a facial that I would highly recommend for stressed, dehydrated skin like mine. There is no downtime or recovery time – which is a huge bonus. My skin definitely felt an instant perk-me-up!

The Madonna Oxygen Rejuvenating Infusion Facial costs S$380 per 75-min session. To book, please call +65 6738 4909.

 Madonna Oxygen Rejuvenating Infusion Facial at Sccube The Apothecary

Sccube The Apothecary is located at Ngee Ann City, #05-25 (Tel: 6738 4909)

 Madonna Oxygen Rejuvenating Infusion Facial at Sccube The Apothecary

The range of products used during my facial including RéVive and dr. brandt. Please note that these products are catered for my skin. Normally, you can expect the following products for your Madonna Oxygen Rejuvenating Infusion Facial:

  1. Sepai- No More Make Up $120
    To remove make up from eye to face, and hydrate skin and equilibrating it
  2. Revive – Cleanser Gentil Gelee $98
    To soothe and gently moisturise the face
  3. Revive – Cleanser Exfoliation $98
    To gently exfoliate beads that slough off dead flaky, surface cells
  4. Revive – Tonique Preparatif $80
    To remove remaining impurities and toxic oils without drying skin
  5. Elemental H – Cucumber Oil (Face massage oil)
    To calm sensitive skin
  6. Rejuvenation Serum with Oxygen Machine
    This is a lightweight Hyaluronic acid combination of vitamins and antioxidants. The Hyaluronic acid helps to instantly hydrate skin resulting in increased firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. and improve Avila contours and overall radiance
  7. Rodial – Dragon Blood Hyaluronic Mask $69
    To plump fine lines, tighten wrinkles and reduce redness

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Shiseido YUTAKA Facial Treatment feat. Shiseido Future Solution LX

It’s always a treat to pamper yourself over the weekend. I had the pleasure to experience the ultra-luxurious Shiseido YUTAKA facial treatment, a signature Shiseido Future Solution LX facial service that promotes a smoother, hydrated and radiant complexion at Seviin, TANGS Orchard, Level 7. Shiseido‘s professional Japanese beautician, Ms. Mizuochi Maiko was in town for a limited time only to pamper Shiseido‘s Future Solution LX customer. Lucky me, I had the chance to be pampered by her facial kung-fu! Ms. Maiko’s gentle touch put me to snooze instantly! I’ve to say that I was 100% relax during the one-hour facial. After the facial, my face look brighter, more hydrated and fresher. My stressed-out skin is finally revitalized.

Shiseido YUTAKA Facial Treatment

Ms. Maiko and I before my YUTAKA facial treatment. I totally envy her smooth, beautiful skin!

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Fash-Review: Aesop and the Science of Blending

Have you ever encounter this – a need to change your skincare products due to seasonal change when traveling? I do! I recently discovered the versatility of Aesop skincare products as you can easily blend complementary products for a well-rounded treatment regimen. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I had the chance to consult one of Aesop‘s trained consultants to identify my skin care blending needs. Due to my sensitive, combination skin, I was “prescribed” the following Deep Cleansing blend for all-seasons:

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (75ml, SGD69)
Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque (60ml, SGD47 ; 120ml, SGD65)

Fash-Review: I am a recent fan of Aesop products. This is perfect for me as I lead quite a busy lifestyle (work, blog, yoga, socialising, cooking, gosh!). Blending the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste and Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque is ingenious. Why didn’t I think of combining my scrub and my masque? Then again, the Aesop products work together so well – it probably won’t quite work with other brands. I love the creamy texture of the exfoliant paste which scrubs off my dead skin cells effortlessly. The Primrose masque scent is just beautiful. It feels like I’m at a home spa! I would recommend a quick consultation before grabbing these off the shelves because your skin may be different than mine. Plus, who doesn’t love personalization?

Aesop and the Science of Blending

If you’re not sure, get a sample of both products from any Aesop stores. Don’t be shy!

Aesop and the Science of Blending

This is how you blend and be generous with the portions.

Aesop and the Science of Blending

Blend it evenly and spread it all over your hands before applying on your face.

Aesop and the Science of Blending

Here, my hand gets the ultimate pampering!

Aesop and the Science of Blending

Let it dry for 10-15 minutes before washing off with warm water. Get ready for smooth, clean skin!

images: Aesop & Fash-Eccentric

Fash-Review: La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask

La Prairie and I haven’t been friends for very long, but I’m believe this ‘friendship’ is going to last for awhile. I was first introduced to La Prairie skincare range in April and I was blown away by the La Prairie Cellular Night Charge. This time, I decided to pamper myself with the luxurious La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask. What are the benefits? Get ready for intensive whitening and illuminating results with a soothing and hydrating experience. All you need is a little R&R in 10 minutes. The unique thing about the La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask is that it comes in two pieces. First, you apply to the lower chin area followed by the forehead. Both pieces should cover your entire face perfectly.

Fash-Review: I LOVE IT. At first touch, the thick rayon sheet felt soft and luxurious. Unlike most sheet masks, this one is heavily infused with cutting-edge, whitening formula which makes both pieces stick and overlay effortlessly on my face. Yes, no bubbles! I usually wear my sheet mask longer than I’m supposed to until it dries out. This time, the formula infused into my skin within 15 minutes – leaving hardly any excess. I guess my skin must be dehydrated! I used the excess from the mask packaging on my neck and hands. I can immediately feel the difference on my skin – more supple, brighter and of course, revitalised. My skin has been under a lot of stress lately with the lack of sleep so the La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask is definitely worth the buck.

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask comes in a box of 6 sheets and priced at SGD318.00. That works out to about SGD53 per piece! You can also shop online at TANGS eStore.

I love the fact that the mask comes in two separate pieces for maximum coverage for both your upper face and lower face. Don’t mind my eyes, they are a little tired and red.

La Prairie, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

images: La Prairie & Fash-Eccentric

Fash-Review: Jet PureHyal Treatment at Jet Concepts

Singapore’s beauty concept store, Jet Concepts invited me to try their Jet PureHyal treatment at their. Initially, I was supposed to try the Jet Plasma but my skin was diagnosed as dry and sensitive – ultimately, unsuitable for the anti-aging treatment. Thus, I was recommended the Jet PureHyal treatment which helps to skin hydration, improves microcirculation, skin brightening and reverse skin aging.

My treatment started with the cleansing process with the Jet-M machine followed by the Jet Lymph Drainage to boost blood circulation. Initially, I was warned about the Jet-M machine, developed by a Russian rocket scientists as it may ‘sting’ a little. I tested the Jet-M super-sonic infusion on my back of my hand and thought, “Oh, that was nothing”. Boy, I was wrong. It didn’t sting the first time round but I was yelping by the second round of the infusion of the Hyaluronic Acid (PureHyal) in its purest form. In the second step, the Plasma light energy exfoliates skin and ‘awakens’ the cells so skin is flushed, brightened and prepped to receive PureHyal in its most optimal condition. Finally, a cold mask is applied on my super-moisturised face to seal in the PureHyal’s goodness resulting in improvement in skin elasticity, refined skin, lesser fine lines, lighter spots and bye bye wrinkles.

Fash-Review: This is not your conventional facial treatment. Don’t expect to chill throughout the experience – especially for first-timers! Jet PureHyal aims to give you optimum results rather than a relaxing facial. The PureHyal infusion (in particular, the second round) might sting a little and I relate that to my first laser experience. Once you know what to expect, the experience is not as terrifying as you think. I got used to the ‘sting’ after awhile. Forget about the pain. More importantly, the results are amazing. My face brightened up instantly and I love how supple my skin is. Let’s not forget that my skin is super duper hydrated – almost boing-boing like! This is the ideal facial for dry and sensitive skin and of course, popular amongst Caucasian ladies! It is not cheap but definitely worth a try – only SGD168 for the first time trial. Tell me if you see the same results. Highly recommended!

Jet Concepts is located at Wheelock Place 501, Orchard Road, #03-03 (Tel: +65 6733 7055) and Raffles City Shopping Centre 252, North Bridge Road, #B2-20/21 (Tel: +65 6337 9598).

Ooh, skincare products! I wonder what they offer here.

Some of the skincare products produced by Jet Concepts such as these skin serums.

Jet Concepts‘ best-seller is this Purple Peel made from purple orchid extract to treat wrinkles and boost skin collagen.

Priced at SGD380 per session and SGD168 for first-time trials for Jet PureHyal treatment.

This is the machine used to infuse pure Hyaluronic Acid into my skin. Yikes!

My initial skin condition: dry skin, pigmentation, blackheads and open pores.

After that, my skin is more radiant, moisturised and brighter. I agree!

images: Fash-Eccentric

Fash-Review: Diorsnow Facial & Whitening Skincare with Icelandic Glacial Water

Last Monday, Dior invited me to experience the Diorsnow White-Reveal Expert treatment at Dior (#01-05/06 Ion Orchard, Tel: 6509 9241). This 60-min facial (SGD120) is one of the most relaxing facials I’ve ever been to. I confessed. I fell asleep and can’t remember most of it, really. The Diorsnow White-Reveal Expert facial treatment purifies the skin and stimulates its cellular renewal using Diorsnow products, the whitening range of Dior. Plus, it relaxes your stress points, smoothens your fatigue signs and gives you translucent skin! Let’s just say that I was well-pampered and I love the smell of pureness and lightness of Diorsnow products. All Diorsnow products contains only Icelandic Glacial Water, one of the purest water in the world from snow and ice. This Icelandic Glacial Water balances the acidity level of your skin and improves the luminosity of your complexion. Here are some of the products from the Diorsnow range:

The key product of the Diorsnow range is the new D-NA Control Day Essence which brightens your face if use regularly. The UV Sheild BB Creme White Reveal UV Protection SPF 50 -PA +++ aims to protect and beautify your face. If you don’t like using makeup, the BB Creme would be the best choice for you.

Even the makeup range is enriched with Icelandic Glacial Water. Love the icy translucent shades!

This Voile de Neige – Light Amplifying Face Powder is brushed over the face after applying makeup to brighten further!

If you have oily skin like me, this UV Shield White Reveal Compact UV Protection SPF 50 – PA +++ will be your best friend that mattifies your face for quick touch ups over your sunscreen or makeup.

images: Dior

Review: Skin Rejuvenation and Removal of Pigmentation by USA Medlite C6 Laser at HealthTrends Wellness Clinic

To laser or not to laser? That’s the BIG question. For the sake of beauty, I put myself forward as a guinea pig to see find out whether laser treatment for skin works (or just full of crap). I was invited by HealthTrends Wellness Clinic (#08 – 34 Novena Medical Center) to experience the Skin Rejuvenation and Removal of Pigmentation by USA Medlite C6 Laser treatment and ONE LUCKY READER will receive the same treatment for FREE! Just read on to find out more and how to win a laser treatment worth SGD$320.

HealthTrends Wellness Clinic‘s holistic approach sets them apart from the other medical clinics. They offer regular medical services besides aesthetic treatments including health screenings.

I swear I’m so fashionable – hahahahahahahaha.

So what’s Medlite C6 Laser? This laser ultimately stimulates collagen production – and it’s a safe, quick procedure to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. It is a gradual process – you’ll need 4 to 6 treatments, spaced 3 to 5 weeks apart to see optimum results.

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