#GETSASSOONED at Home with Vidal Sassoon

Do you wish “Bad Hair Days” do not exist? Well, it’s not impossible! The new Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care and Premium Color Care ranges let you create your salon-ready hairstyle at the comfort of your own home (or even when you travel!). I finally had time to try my hands on styling my hair during my weekend getaway to Lone Pine Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. Yes, a much needed break after Audi Fashion Festival! All I need to do is Prep it, Work it, Treat it and Perfect it for the ultimate Sassoon-style! Let’s #GETSASSOONED!

Vidal Sassoon Premium Base and Colour Range

PREP: Every good hair begins with proper prep. Let’s start with the Vidal Sassoon Premium Base/Color Care Shampoo followed by the Vidal Sassoon Premium Base/Color Care Conditioner. Every couple of days, I’ll use the Vidal Sassoon Premium Base/Color Care Treatment to keep my hair healthy and colour vibrant. Once a week, I’ll use the Vidal Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask to keep my hair lusciously hydrated since it is long now! I also have the Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator for Curl for styling my hair (scroll down to see how!).

#GETSASSOONED at Home with Vidal Sassoon

STYLING: For the first time, I tried the Vidal Sassoon 13mm Mini Ceramic Straightener and the Vidal Sassoon 25mm Mini Ceramic Curling Iron. Both are great for storage at home or for travel! I love the fact that they are mini sizes but produce the same results!

#GETSASSOONED at Home with Vidal Sassoon

BEFORE… This is how my hair looks like when I wake up. The ultimate bed-head!

How to straighten your hair with the Vidal Sassoon 13mm Mini Ceramic Straightener. WATCH NOW!

#GETSASSOONED at Home with Vidal Sassoon

RESULT… A straighter, more even fringe and straighter hair! No more bed-head! This only takes less than 15 minutes and it is very easy to use!

#GETSASSOONED at Home with Vidal Sassoon

PREP… your hair with the Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator for Curl with two pumps (or more) before using the curling iron for long-lasting curls!

How to curl your hair with the Vidal Sassoon 25mm Mini Ceramic Curling Iron. WATCH NOW!

#GETSASSOONED at Home with Vidal Sassoon

RESULT… The vacation-ready hair! I love it! Honestly, it took me a couple of times before I got it right. If you are a novice like me, you will need some practice on how to curl – also get to know your hair. Trust me, I didn’t get this right the first time round. Are you ready to #GETSASSOONED?

video & images: Fash-Eccentric

Fash-Review: BaByliss Big Hair 42mm from Hairstylers Asia

Can you achieve a perfect blow-dry every day? Yes, you can! The good folks at Hairstylers Asia sent me the BaByliss Big Hair 42mm Spinning Brush Airstyler for review. This hot air hair styler will give you the perfect blow-dry finish with gorgeous volume and shape to fringes, shorter lengths and longer hair with layers. The spinning barrel with soft bristles create the bouncy effect and also give your hair a beautiful shiny finish. Sounds too good to be true? It’s time for me to find out whether this BaBybliss Big Hair 42mm hair styler is worth the investment. Scroll all the way down for my verdict.

How To Use:
Firstly, towel dry your hair until it’s about 10-20% damp. Let’s start from the inside of your hair. Clip the top section of your hair and rotate manageable amount of hair to the roots for less than 10 seconds. Press the other button to unrotate it. Slowly, work all sections of your hair including your fringe. You can easily adjust the heat intensity as well as the rotation with just a press of a button.

Tips & Tricks:
For added root lift, hold the brush close to the roots for a few seconds. Move the brush through the section, start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate rotating button. Move the brush away from the head in an upward motion. For even more volume, allow the brush to rotate, winding the entire section of hair around the barrel. Release the rotate button and then leave the brush in the hair for a few seconds.

BaByliss Big Hair 42mm

BaBybliss Big Hair 42mm is available at Hairstylers Asia for S$159.00. Enter this discount code ‘XWEN’ after Paypal checkout to enjoy $15 OFF total bill. Offer is only valid for online store purchase and ends on 25 December 2013.

BaByliss Big Hair 42mm from Hairstylers Asia

Start with 10-20% damp hair, don’t worry – this is a heated hair styler!

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Beyonce’s Pixie Hair. Enough Said.

GET READY FOR THIS. Beyonce has jumped on the Pixie hair wagon. Bey Bey instagrammed the photos of her fresh crop and the world has broken into utter chaos. You can expect people lining up to snip their hairs tomorrow – this is wayyy bigger than Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway combined. Fash-Verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Beyonce's Pixie Hair

images: Beyonce’s Instagram

TONI&GUY: Hair Meets Wardrobe

Yes, ladies. It’s time for your hair to do the talking. Inspired by London Fashion Week and fashion’s coolest influencers, TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe introduces four style collections – Casual, Creative, Glamour and Classic that will take your hair to greater heights. Start by preparing your tresses with the Clean & Nourish collection, followed by the Prep collection. Finally, it’s time to pick your poison: Are you a Casual, effortless beauty girl? Are you a Creative chameleon? Are you all about the red carpet Glamour-zon? Or… are you a Classic simple bob kind of girl?

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe

CLEAN & NOURISH COLLECTION. From left: Shampoo for Fine Hair 250ml (S$19.90), Shampoo for Damaged Hair 250ml (S$19.90), Shampoo for Dry Hair 250ml (S$19.90), Conditioner for Damaged Hair 250ml (S$19.90) and Conditioner for Dry Hair 250ml (S$19.90). Also available: Conditioner for Fine Hair 250ml (S$19.90) and Reconstruction Mask 200ml (S$25.90)

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe

PREP COLLECTION. From left: Colume Plumping Mousse 222ml (S$21.90), Heat Protection Mist 150ml (S$21.90), Smoothing Detangler 150ml (S$21.90)

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe

CASUAL COLLECTION. From left: Sea Salt Texturising Spray 200ml (S$24.90), Flexible Hold Hairspray 250ml (S$22.90), Forming Spray Gel 150ml (S$22.90)

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe

CLASSIC COLLECTION. From left: Medium Hold Hairspray 250ml (S$22.90), Shine Gloss Serum 30ml (S$22.90)

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe

CREATIVE COLLECTION. From left: Extreme Hold Hairspray 250ml (S$22.90), Texturising Glue 100ml (S$22.90)

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe

GLAMOUR COLLECTION. From left: Moisturising Shine Spray 150ml (S$22.90), Serum Drops 30ml (S$22.90), Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse 222ml (S$22.90), Firm Hold Hairspray 250ml (S$22.90)

images: TONI&GUY

Purse Essentials for Winter Beauty

Every girl knows that the cold winter wind and the wet weather causes havoc on our hair, as well as our skin and our complexion. As you know, there’s nothing worse that going for a walk and returning with windswept hair, a runny nose, chapped lips and cold, dry hands. This is why we have put together a list of top handbag essentials so you can still boast beautiful soft skin and luscious lips, even in the winter.

Hand Creams

Purse Essentials for Winter
Although wearing gloves is a great way to keep your hands warm in the winter, it doesn’t stop your skin from becoming chapped. So before you go outside, rub your hands in some intense lotion, making sure you take off any jewellery like bracelets or rings from 77diamonds.com, as well as rolling up your sleeves to prevent any staining and grease marks. Pack a miniature sized hand lotion in your purse and apply a couple of times a day.


Lip Balms

Purse Essentials for Winter Beauty
Keep your lips looking luscious by hydrating them using a lip balm or even Vaseline. The cold winter winds strip all the moisture from our lips, making them look pale and chapped. So hydrate your lips by applying vitamin-enriched, pink tinted lip balm a couple of times a day – not only will this moisten your lips, but it will also give them a lovely natural looking pink color too.


Purse Essentials for Winter Beauty
Pack some super soft tissues in your purse for those runny-nose moments. If the tip of your nose tends to get sore, rub it with a tiny dab of Vaseline – this will create a barrier from the cold wind, preventing your nose from becoming sore and dry.

Hair Snags

Purse Essentials for Winter Beauty
Windswept hair is not a good look on anyone, especially fashionistas like yourself. You can easily protect your locks from the bad weather by loosely tying it back and wearing a warm hat. Always carry a few snags in your purse and a compact brush to tidy up your hair and relieve it of any knots.

Dos & Don’ts: Spring 2013 Hottest Hair Trends

It’s time to freshen your mane for the New Year. I have a couple of bold ideas for myself – platinum blonde? I don’t believe I’ll be growing my hair out anytime soon. Whether you’re up for a major change or work with what you have, let’s check out the Dos and Don’ts for Spring 2013 hottest hair trends:

2013 Hair Trends: Knot

#1: The Knot

Do: This year, keep the knot tight, neat as styled by Givenchy (left). It’s sweet and chic. Don’t: That top knot has got to go. Really. I don’t want to see it on another street style blog for at least a year.

2013 Hair Trends: Pixie

#2: The Pixie

Do: Keep it super, duper short like Rihanna. Of course, you’ve to create texture to add dimension to your hair. Don’t: If your name is Miley Cyrus, DON’T (with bold and caps).

2013 Hair Trends: Low Pony Tail

#3: The Low Pony

Do: Keep your pony tail low and classy. It looks best when you have stick, straight hair.
Don’t: High pony tail. It’s sooooo 2009.

2013 Hair Trends: Slick

#4: The Slick Back

Do: Rag & Bone (left) does the “wet, slick” hair best at their Spring 2013 show. Don’t: Erm, just don’t end up looking like Jada Pinkett Smith.

2013 Hair Trends: Platinum

#5: The Platinum

Do: Yes, the color of 2013 is platinum blonde. It’s going to be a painful but rewarding journey.
Don’t: Enough with the dip-dyed rainbow hair. You’re not a My Little Pony, for goodness sake.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System with Komachi the hair cult

Have you ever tried organic hair dye? I was invited to try organic hair color range like Organic Hair System and Tints of Nature at Komachi the hair cult. This eco, cruelty free vegan range of hair dye features 54 mixable shades, 10 concentrates and brighteners, 8 cream and liquid activators, and two non bleach lightening systems. The all-natural ingredients are suitable for everyone including those with allergies to chemicals, has cancer and vegans (PETA certified the product as cruelty-free!). Imagine coloring your hair without the horrendous smell (it’s 100% ammonia-free!) and protecting your scalp from harmful treatment. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hair and color your hair as many times as you want.

Fash-Review: I was curious to try the organic hair dye, really. I love coloring my hair but I am not a fan of dry, over-treated hair and scalp. Komachi creative director, Miss Rie Kanai spoke little English – so she didn’t exactly explain much about the Organic Hair System or Tints of Nature during my session. Communication was a challenge as I asked for my bleached highlights to be colored – but it was left the way it was. She probably thought I wanted to keep my highlights. The Organic Hair System color didn’t smell like most hair dyes. In fact, it has delicious fruity smell which I like. My scalp didn’t sting throughout the 30-min of coloring time. I also had a hair trim by Kanai-san as my Bieber-esque hairstyle was getting a little unruly. The color turns out to be lighter than expected. Bubster thinks I look like a Korean popstar. HMMMM. I highly recommend the Organic Hair System (can’t speak for Tints of Nature since I didn’t try it) as it produces the same results without damaging your hair. Do your part for mother nature and love your hair too!

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System with Komachi the hair cult

Komachi the hair cult is located at International Building (next to ANZ bank) #02-03/04, 360 Orchard Rd.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

BEFORE. Bye, Bieber.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

Organic Hair System has a wide range of colours, including bright, pop colors.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

Kanai-san chose a copper-like tone 5CG from the Organic Hair System range for my hair.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

Let the heating begin! It took almost 30-min for the color to set.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

Rie Kanai and I after the haircut. She’s a lovely lady – we had a short chat about where she’s from and J-fashion.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

It took me awhile to get used to the hair. I guess cheating on my hairstylist is harder than I thought! I didn’t like the way it was styled (with the side parting) and I preferred it my way.

Fash-Review: Organic Hair System at Komachi the hair cult

My highlights are more apparent now (not hidden like it was originally styled) after the trim.

images: Fash-Eccentric

Fash-Hair: Anne Hathaway’s Pixie Hair + Best Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

Anne Hathaway rocked the blogosphere as she was spotted in London with her new Pixie haircut for her role as Fantine in upcoming “Les Miserables” film. In fact, she’s also shedding mega pounds for her new role! Things actresses do to transform into their characters, hurr. Since Mia Farrow epitomized the Pixie in the 60s, celebrities have revived their locks and their careers with a couple of snip snip. I love the Pixie – even though it is a pain in the butt to keep trimming the hair every month! Looking at Anne’s hair, I do have a sudden urge to give my hairstylist a call. Is it time to go short again? We shall see.

Here are some of my favorite celebrity’s Pixie hairstyles to date (of course, there are more but let’s just stick to these shall we?):

Goodbye, long locks!

How can we forget when Emma Watson chopped off her Hermione Granger long locks?

Carey Mulligan looks 10 years fresher after her hair cut.

When I chopped off my curly hair, I asked for Ginnifer Goodwin‘s pixie cut. So rad!

Halle Berry looks like she owned this hair. Hands down!

Michelle Williams looks good with both short or long hair. Such a cutie pie! So happy that she’s dating Jason Segel!

Bring back that girl from V for Vendetta! Natalie Portman needs to chop her locks again.

Sienna Miller is such a bombshell. She’s as versatile as Kate Moss, don’t you think?

images: Steve Granitz/WireImagel; Splash New, Marie Claire & Vogue

Introducing Haircare Rituals with International Beauty & Fashion Guru, Melissa Hoyer

What is your relationship with your HAIR? I’m a true blue Leo and my mane is one of my top priorities. All of us have our skincare rituals: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and occasionally, Facial Mask. But, have you given much thought about your haircare rituals? I certainly don’t. P&G Beauty & Grooming invited me to a “Romance of the Ritual” workshop which focuses on caring for our hair with their latest product offerings: Pantene Clinicare, Vidal Sassoon and H&S Head Spa Series. I am no stranger to Pantene and Vidal Sassoon products but not H&S (I guess I don’t have a dandruff issue!). International beauty and fashion icon, Melissa Hoyer from Australia was the star at the event held at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant (omg, the food was orgasmic!).

Melissa Hoyer highlighted the top hair issues:

  1. Damage from styling (I’m guilty as charged!)
  2. Hair ageing or thinning (My hair is still thick and healthy, thank goodness!)
  3. Poor scalp health (My scalp is oily – yucks)

It is important for us to create a haircare ritual for ourselves and use the right products. You know, I find this interesting because I don’t really ‘care’ about my hair products as much as skincare. I guess I haven’t encountered such pressing hair problems – yet. It is important to take care of our hair (I mean, have you seen those Beijing 101 ads on the train? Those freak me out!) before it’s too late! I had the chance to try all three haircare series and scroll down to see my verdict:

I waited till the end of her interview for this Kodak moment *fan girl mode*

Melissa Hoyer spoke about her relationship with her hair and of course, her haircare rituals. Hello, Stephanie Carrington!

For Damaged Hair from Styling.

Vidal Sassoon’s Premium Colour Care Ritual: I colour my hair quite frequently and I have been using products for coloured hair for awhile now. I love the floral scent from the Vidal Sassoon range – kinda brings back memories, if you ask me. My favourite product from this range has to be the Vidal Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask (SGD15). I used it once and my hair feels luxuriously thick and smooth. It’s like facial for your hair! I wear a shower cap after applying the hair mask to heat it up a little more – a little tip from Melissa Hoyer. You can leave it on for 10 minutes or do your chores before you go shower. Trust me, you will love your hair!

For Healthy Scalp.

H&S Head Spa Series: Basically, I don’t have a dandruff or flaky scalp. This H&S Head Spa Series is meant to solve that itchy or unhealthy scalp issue with its formulated ZPT. Well, I used it anyway. I find it very moisturising (no wonder it’s called the Spa series!) for my hair – which is not a bad thing. I remember from the workshop that we have ‘fungi’ growing in our scalp (yikes!) and H&S Head Spa Series‘ ZPT ingredient can help control the growth of these fungi. For that reason, I’m going to continue to use this series! Otherwise, my hair is extra silky which is nice.

For Ageing or Thinning Hair.

Pantene Clinicare: If you are suffering from thin hair or split ends, this is one for you. I recommended this to my sister as her hair is quite frizzy and thin. After trying, she felt that the Pantene Clinicare gives her more volume to her hair as well as restoring its resilience. The most innovative product from this range is the Pantene Clinicare Split End Fuser and Leave On Treatment Luminizing Elixir which help to strengthen the ends of your hair. Previously, fans of Pantene Clinicare products need to ship them from Japan – now, they are available in Singapore.

All these products are available at selected Watsons or Guardian stores.

images: Fash-Eccentric & P&G Beauty & Grooming

Headband or Necklace: Dauphines of New York’s Fall 2011 Collection

I can’t live without hair accessories even with my crop hair now. I’m currently obsessed over Dauphines of New York Fall 2011 collection featuring “Baroque and Gilded influences, Art Deco favorites, colorful and intricate Navajo prints, turquoise and feathers, Tiara toppers, plus neons, signature stones, crystals, leather chain link, and metal designs”. The luxury hair accessories label is becoming a household name and featured in ELLE Magazine, ELLE CANADA, on VOGUE.com, ALLURE.com, REFINERY29.com, GLAMOUR.com. The coolest thing about the adjustable headbands is that it can double up as a necklace. You can style it however you prefer – classic, hippie or even as a tiara, wear creatively! For Singapore buyers, you can shop for Dauphines of New York via Shopbop. Prices start from USD45 and above. Add a little luxe into your daily hairstyle and your hair will love you.

Baroque Tiara: This would definitely be perfect for a night-out in town.

The Grecian: Channel your inner Goddess with this headband.

The Empress: Ultimate luxe! You’ll feel like a Princess, or better still – Empress Dowager.

The Olympia: Pure and innocent.

Band of Gold: Such elegance, really. I love this!

Flight of Fancy: Who’s feeling hippie? Anyone?

images: Dauphines of New York

TRESemmé Now Available Singapore!

If you’re a fan of Project Runway, you will be familiar with US’s no. 1 hair styling brand, TRESemmé. Now, TRESemmé shampoo and conditioners are available in Singapore exclusively at all Guardian stores. The best thing about it is the affordability! Priced at SGD14.90 each, you are getting a giant , salon-sized shampoo or conditioner pump bottle! That’s 900ml, y’all! There is always something for everyone – see below for the key types of shampoo & conditioner for all hair types.

I’m currently using TRESemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo & All hair Types Re-moisturising Conditioner.

Coloring your hair is not cheap. Keep the color nice, and vibrant with I’m currently using TRESemmé Color Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner.

There is nothing worse than your hair looking or feeling like grass. Lock in the moisture with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo & Conditioner.
images: TRESemmé

Fash-Hair: Let’s Go Hippie with Fine Featherheads

Since I started Yoga, I’ve been surfing alot of Yoga sites lately and I stumbled upon an advertisement for Fine Featherheads. Made from ‘real’ highest quality rooster feathers from Whiting Farms, Fine Featherheads is the original feather hair extensions. These hair extensions are so lovely, hippie-like and adds a little zing to your hair. Right now, I wish I have my long hair back! Don’t worry about smelling like a chicken because these feathers are washed with a 100% inert (non-toxic) detergent, and dyed with an organic, mineral-based dye. Honestly, I hope the roosters are being treated ethically – don’t wanna be responsible for naked (or worse… dead) roosters! I wonder if Fine Featherheads will make its way to Singapore – or maybe I should bring them in! Who wants to be a hippie? Gimme a shout-out on my Facebook Page!

As seen on Jennifer Love Hewitt – not a fan of the yellow extensions but love the feathers!

As seen on teen queen, Selena Gomez.

Fine Featherheads Presents: a Tea Party from Fine Featherheads on Vimeo.

Images: Copyright All rights reserved by Fine Featherheads