Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore for Topshop x JWA Collection

I was thrilled to be invited to be part of the online/bloggers group interview with J.W. Anderson this morning at the presidential suite at Grand Park Hotel Orchard. I couldn’t help but laid my eyes on the J.W. Anderson for Topshop collection the moment we walked into the suite. The drones of French artist, Lescop‘s “La Foret” set the mood for the interview.  The 27-year old designer from Ireland talks about how much he loves blogs (in his words, “I read blogs before style.com”) and his obsession with sub-culture groups, Halloween, Instagram, Susie Bubble (who used to live below his apartment) and even his encounter with Anna Wintour. Inspired by the supermarket, J.W. Anderson for Topshop Fall 2012 is a complete madness and a “patchwork of different things” as the designer loves mixing “wrong things with right, good with bad”. His musical theatre background has trained JWA to design his collections starting from a character. Who’s this character for the Fall 2012 collection? She’s a school girl gone mad, lost control with a little bit of “The Virgin Suicides”, Halloween version. He believes that the foundation of a good collection starts from building good characters.

Who is the quintessential JWA girl? She is abit of a dreamer, a conceptual buyer and loves heritage with a twist. I think I’m in love with the JWA brand. I am a boy-girl and his obsession with David Lynch films makes me want to hang out with him more. I can’ wait to get my hands on the current collection and of course, the next. Topshop x JWA collection hits the stores in Singapore on Sunday, 30th September 2012. Be there, grab grab grab!

Watch our interview with J.W. Anderson as he talked about his favourite pieces from the collection, which celebrity he would love to design for as well as what’s next for S/S 2013.

Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore

J.W. Anderson catapulted to London Fashion Week from dressing window displays. Dreams do come true.

Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore

If only I could make a dash with the entire rack of J.W. Anderson for Topshop collection.

Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore

Alright, isn’t he cuteeeee? I couldn’t resist a Kodak moment.

Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore

My Fash-Picks for J.W. Anderson for Topshop collection: Quilted Paisley Tee and Bat Handknit Sweater.

Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore

Fash-Interview: J.W. Anderson in Singapore

The bloggers and online media with the designer (from left: OneSixtyNotepad, Wottoncool, J.W. Anderson, me, HerWorldPlus, F3 and Rock The Trend.

images & videos: Fash-Eccentric

Veritas by Carrie K.: Gender Bender and Heavy Mettle Collection

It feels like ages ago since my trip to Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery atelier back in April. I finally edited my Fash-Interview with silversmith, jewellery designer and of course, founder of Carrie K., Carolyn Kan. I first met Carolyn at the first Blueprint Emporium two years ago when she first started out. Today, Carrie K. is available in Singapore, Tokyo and London. More importantly, Yuji Yamamoto, the son of renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto, picked Carrie K.‘s of his concept stores ‘Make One’s Mark’ in Tokyo. Let me introduce you to my current favourite: Veritas by Carrie K., a signature line of unconventional statement jewellery and accessories. Trust me, the Gender Bender and Heavy Mettle collection are totally rad! Scroll down and see what I mean:

Watch Episode 19 of Fash-Eccentric TV. Fash-Interview: Carolyn Kan of Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery (Veritas by Carrie K.)We talked about her Heavy Mettle and Gender Bender collection, and jewellery trends.

From bib necklaces to cuffs, the Heavy Mettle collection is cleverly crafted from leather with a deceiving metallic look. All pieces are reversible for a different colour. Personally, I owned the Heavy Mettle Necklace in Silver and Yellow Gold (in which Carolyn herself is wearing in the video!).

I love the idea of a unisex range. The Gender Bender collection blurs the line between genders and breathes new life into the classic bowtie … in sterling silver. Made by a process called electroforming, the Gender Bender bow tie is as light as a teaspoon! Use your imagination – wear it as a necklace, a hair piece or… just a bow tie.

You can shop for Veritas by Carrie K. from The Society of Black Sheep (10 Bayfront Avenue #B1-64 The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sand), Doorstep Luxury and GNOSSEM.

images & videos: Fash-Eccentric & Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery

AFF 2012: Closing Show – Roland Mouret Autumn/Winter 2012

It’s the closing show of the Audi Fashion Festival 2012. Roland Mouret brought sculptural glamour to the runway with his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The Tent@Orchard may be a little quiet but the enthusiastic crowd waited patiently for the grand finale of AFF 2012. I felt conflicted by the end of the day. One half of me wanted to crash on the bed badly. Another half of me wished the excitement continues. Roland Mouret’s A/W 2012 collection is inspired by Paris’ “big freeze” of 1947 and pastel hues such as lemon, powder blue, ash green and soft grey. The idea of pastel colours for winter is refreshing. His architectural creations are mind-blowing from all angles. I was genuinely in awed by his elegant, fashion-forward collection with origami folds, defined peplum and feminine draping. Till next year, I will remember this year’s awesome AFF.

Watch Episode 18 of Fash-Eccentric TV: The final walk of Roland Mouret A/W 2012 show at AFF 2012.

Beautiful snow leopard-prints.

Signature Drapes.

Of fur and Origami folds.

Soft grey falls this winter.

Singapore model Sheila Sim walked for the last time for AFF 2012 and of course, Roland Mouret himself.

images: Belvedere Vodka Singapore

AFF 2012: Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012 & Fall/Winter 2012

It was the show that everyone was ‘waiting’ for on Saturday: Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012 & Fall/Winter 2012 show at the Audi Fashion Festival 2012. The American designer turned up the drama on the runway as models glided down in immaculately designed mermaid gowns and figure-hugging dresses. A couple of models were struggling to keep their balance on the runway but all eyes are peeled on the beautiful creations. The Princess of Malaysia was spotted in a Zac Posen mermaid gown with a train (apparently, a model stepped on her gown during the show!). She was quickly ushered backstage to meet Zac Posen in person together with her entourage. It is not news that Zac Posen is such a celebrity magnet! Zac Posen is looking to expand his business in Asia – which made me wonder, “Who would wear these gowns in hot, humid Singapore?” I guess there are enough tai-tais and princesses to add to his clientele list.

Watch Episode 17 of Fash-Eccentric TV: Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012 & Fall/Winter 2012.

Zac Posen‘s celebratory Moët & Chandon champagne after the show.

The bloggers managed to get a photo with Zac Posen backstage. Ahh, what a moment!

So, I’ve been wearing my Montblanc stacked rings as well as my Forever and Carrie K ‘knot’ rings to AFF. LIKE?

images: Chris McGrath/Getty Images AsiaPac & Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2012: alldressedup Autumn/Winter 2012

Saturday was a looonnnnggg day for me. I started off the day by shopping at Blueprint Emporium followed by Parco next NEXT and CLEO Runway Search 2012 shows at Tent@Orchard. Of course, the night doesn’t end there. Singaporean label, alldressedup showcased their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection at the Audi Fashion Festival 2012 with their feminine yet quirky silhouettes and delectable fall colours of black, white, teal, taupe, mustard and grey. alldressedup is famed for its wearable, everyday pieces which is the main reason why the label is so successful. I found myself getting restless in my seat and counting down to the next show. I wished alldressedup pumped in a little excitement into the show rather than doing what they do best.

Super stylist, Karen Ng is back in Singapore! She’s wearing Balmain and Christian Louboutin‘s The Isolde in Black from the 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection. HAWT!

Watch Episode 16 of Fash-Eccentric TV: The final walk of alldressedup A/W 2012 collection.

Outerwear. It’s time to keep warm with slim jackets and peacoats.

Prints. It’s all black and white this season.

White. Keep it light this Autumn/Winter 2012.

Shapeless. Voluminous silhouette rule.

Fall Colours. Taupe, Teal and Mustard.

images: Audi Fashion Festival 2012

AFF 2012: CLEO Runway Search 2012

CLEO is probably the first fashion/lifestyle magazine which got me hooked on fashion, makeup and boys. C’mon, which girl in Singapore doesn’t grow up with CLEO magazine? I was happy to receive an invite from CLEO to attend the CLEO Runway Search 2012 show at the Audi Fashion Festival 2012. In fact, my lovely mum was my date to the show. For the first time, I actually scored front row seats! Yay! It was a refreshing change to see non-models walking down the runway with their family and friends cheering them on. They may not be professional models – yet, but I’ve to say they are definitely on the right path. I gasped a few times as a couple of contestants wobbled in their super-high heels – seriously, I would have fell flat on my face. Of course, we were treated to delightful eye candy as the CLEO eligible bachelors strutted down in Levi’s clothing with the gorgeous Carrie Models including Sheila Sim. Congratulations to Siti Nadiah for winning the CLEO Runway Search 2012!

Watch Episode 15 of Fash-Eccentric TV: CLEO Singapore Editor Cheong Kamei announced the winner of CLEO Runway Search 2012.

It was a FULL HOUSE at Tent@Orchard as friends and families came to show their support.

Strike a pose!  Contestant Siti Nadrizah walked with confidence.

Contestant Dawn Bey (also a blogger!) is one of the hardest competitors to beat.

Ooh la la, CLEO eligible bachelors! You know, I’m getting a little too old for this haha.

Hello Sheila Sim, once again! Probably one of the hardest working models in Singapore.

Thank you CLEO for the wonderful front row seat and goodie bag!

images & video: Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2012: Singapore Designers Showcase feat. DEPRESSION, a.w.o.l and Saturday

I would be lying if I said I’m not exhausted. The past week has been amazing, frantic and tiring. I didn’t make it to the Audi Star Creation showcase as I checking out the designers at Blueprint trade show on Friday, May 18th. I managed to rush to Tent@Orchard for a quick interview with the guys from DEPRESSION (watch my video below for the interview). The inaugural Singapore Designers Showcase is a last-minute addition to the Audi Fashion Festival 2012 schedule featuring a.w.o.l (all walks of life) by Alfie Leong, DEPRESSION by Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh and SATURDAY by Nic Wong and Daniel Loh. Each homegrown label showcased 15 looks from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection and these collections will be launched in the final quarter of the year.

After four years, AFF has continued to support homegrown labels with amazing platforms at Tent@Orchard and Blueprint trade show, like no other platforms available in Singapore. The Singapore Designers Showcase is a positive step forward to greater international exposure for independent Singapore designers. Kudos to the AFF organizers!

Watch Episode 14 of Fash-Eccentric TV. I interviewed the designers of DEPRESSION before the Singapore Designers Showcase.

SATURDAY F/W 2012 by Nic Wong and Daniel Loh opened the show with casual knits and jersey dresses, leggings and scarves (which you can’t exactly wear it in Singapore!). SATURDAY toned down the colours for the F/W 2012 collection with grey, black, blue and bronze hues that will easily appeal to the all. See the full collection on my Facebook Page.

Moving on, DEPRESSION F/W 2012 by Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh explored the dark side of theme of “plastic surgery” as they always have with all things medical. It was a 180 degrees flip from SATURDAY‘s comfortable, wearable pieces. Let’s be honest, you need attitude to pull off DEPRESSION and this is not a label for the masses. From studs to multiple draping, DEPRESSION definitely made a statement and stayed true to their design philosophy. See the full collection on my Facebook Page.

 a.w.o.l (all walks of life) F/W 2012 collection by Alfie Leong wrapped up the showcase with graphic prints, jackets and striking head pieces. I love the gold collared harness worn by Singapore model, Sheila Sim and other bits and pieces. I’m not a fan of the graphic prints – a little too busy for my liking. See the full collection on my Facebook Page.

I bumped into supermodel, Sheila Sim backstage before the Singapore Designers Showcase.

images: Audi Fashion Festival 2012 ; video: Fash-Eccentric

5 Reasons Why Francfranc Rocks My World

Let me refresh your memory: I was invited to Tokyo in March by the good folks at Japanese home furnishing brand, Francfranc and it’s time for my trip report *drums roll* As you know, I’m a Francfranc-natic since my first visit to Francfranc Shinjuku store back in 2009. I couldn’t be more excited when I found out that Francfranc is making its way to Singapore with not one, but two stores located at JCube and Vivocity (opening in June 2012). If you haven’t got a clue what Francfranc is all about, let me tell you five reasons why Francfranc absolutely rocks my world:

1. Francfranc makes life happier. Period.

CEO and founder of Francfranc, Mr Fumio Takashima often spoke of his vision of creating “happiness” and referred to his customers as “friends”. He believes in making a difference and instilling happiness in everyone’s daily life with Francfranc vibrant and colourful products. He also believes in creating good quality but affordable products for his customer which sets Francfranc apart from the local competitors. Personally, I love a splash of seasonal colours in my home. For instance, I am obsessed with Francfranc‘s cushion covers and this is the easiest way to spice up your living room without changing a single furniture. It brings me joy to create a warm, comfortable home with a hint of personality.

Happiness is hugging Mickey & Minnie from the Francfranc x Disney collaboration range.

Are these BOOKS? OR secret storage boxes?

Mr. Fumio Takashima and I at BALS headquarters in Tokyo.

2. Francfranc stores are all about style.

Did you know that most Francfranc stores are designed by Mr. Yasumichi Morita, Designer & President of GLAMOROUS co., ltd – including the 20,000 sqft flagship store at Vivocity? Morita-san is a rock star. He walked into BALS headquarters in a sharp Chanel tweed jacket, Hermès scarf and Christian Louboutin shoes. A man with such immaculate taste can only create magic such as Francfranc Aoyama store, also known as Francfranc Village (see picture below). Morita-san walked through his design concept for the largest Francfranc store at Vivocity called Francfranc Wonderland. Think Alice in Wonderland as patrons walked into a world of wonder with chairs twice their size! I can’t wait to preview the new Vivocity store when it opens in early June.

Be amazed by the creative warehouse-like space at Francfranc Village. You can’t miss the humongous chandelier hanging above.

What did I say? The man is a rock star, alright.

3. Francfranc makes products for the young, fashionable women.

It’s true. Since the beginning, Francfranc has always been designing for young women in their 20s and 30s with the aim of creating a fun and trendy lifestyle. Francfranc offers a variety of products from eight categories such as kitchen and table, fabric (curtains), hobby and culture, kitchen fabric (aprons, tea towels), beauty and health (soap, bath products, scents), furniture (sofas, cupboards), lightings (including other electrical appliances) and interior accessories (art, photo frames and clocks). You can expect new, fun products every season – Spring, Summer and Cruise or stick to the basics with Francfranc Standard line. Let’s not forget the current Francfranc collaboration with Disney.

I love the sizes of the sofa – perfect for small apartments in the city!

Tea, anyone?

I love all things wood and white. So Scandinavian.

4. BALS headquarters is a dream.

No surprises who designed BALS headquarters – Mr. Yasumichi Morita, of course. I’m such a fan of his work. I mean, just look at the Pantry Room! I remember thinking, “Gosh, I could seriously work here”. Hire me, please!

The longest pantry room table ever. Don’t you love the Pantone coloured chairs?

The BALS headquarters office lobby is so chic.

5. Francfranc’s siblings are awesome too.

FYI. I didn’t just visit Francfranc stores in Tokyo. In fact, I popped by a few other sister stores such as BALS Tokyo (a luxurious, high-end home furnishing label), J-Period (old-meets-new Japanese lifestyle label) and WTW (laidback, surfer lifestyle label). I ended up a couple bits and pieces from each store. In case you’re wondering how the stores look like, here are some photos from my trip:

Love these storage boxes from BALS Tokyo at Roppongi.

Since it is Cherry Blossom season, we bought Sakura tea from J-Period.

I love everything at WTW especially the wooden furniture – must be the hippie in me.

Watch Episode 7 of Fash-Eccentric TV of my trip to Francfranc, J-Period and La Boutique stores in Tokyo, Japan.

images: Fash-Eccentric & Francfranc

Fash-Eccentric TV: Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact Crystal Brightening Creator SPF35 PA+++

I visited Lancôme office last week and was introduced to the new and improved Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact Crystal Brightening Creator SPF35 PA+++ . The Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle compact foundation was first launched in 2011 and the new edition boasts to give your skin crystal brightness and 12-hour staying power in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Hmm, sounds like a challenge! What’s interesting is this compact foundation is created for Asians because we all love to have bright, luminous skin.  Lancôme‘s Aura-Inside technology is enriched with a never-been-seen-before purple light essence that neutralizes the dull, yellow undertones of Asian women’s skin. As a result, this quadruple light synergy together with ingredients from Blanc Expert whitening skincare line, Rose and Mint extracts and moisturizing Lotus extract bring out the crystal brightness from within. In addition, the compact foundation comes with an upgraded duo sponge with dual functions – the soft velvet side is for blending, the white fluffy side is for buffing skin.

Fash-Review: I like the lightweight powder texture – it doesn’t feel cakey, if you know what I mean. You can see me try the Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact Crystal Brightening Creator for the first time in my latest episode of Fash-Eccentric TV. So, you can watch how I actually wear it. I wore the makeup for 8 hours for the first day and of course, my skin needs a little touch up after a couple of hours. I blotted my face a few times as well – guess my face is still oily no matter what! Surprisingly, the foundation stays visibly fresh-looking as it didn’t oxidize like most compact foundation. A little touch up helps to keep my skin matte. Otherwise, this is definitely a great compact foundation for Singapore’s crazy humidity (of course, keep your blotters handy at all times).

Available in 8 shades, specially created for Asian skin tones. Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact Crystal Brightening Creator is available at all Lancôme beauty counters in Singapore. Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact Crystal Brightening Creator Refill is priced at SGD65 and the limited edition case with a delicate motif inspired by Rose spring blossom is priced at SGD27.

Watch my first “talking” episode on Fash-Eccentric TV on the Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle and other products (see below).

Clockwise, from left: Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, Lancôme Teint Miracle Translucent Loose Powder (01), Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact SPF35 PA+++ (O-01), Lancôme Teint Miracle Perfecting Concealer Pen & Lancôme Creme de Brillance lipgloss in Rose Empire 363.

The final look!

Watch the two videos of Taiwanese makeup artist Leslie doing the sebum and sweat test.

images & video: Lancôme & Fash-Eccentric

How To Wear Bold Lipstick with Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Spring 2012

I recently discovered Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Spring 2012 collection which featured seven new shades: PK214 Opal, PK415 Sorbet, OR316 Mango, RD718 Sugar Plum, RS619 Venus, RD320 Temptress, BR317 Butter Scotch (see picture below). Shiseido has kindly offered me two new shades to try and I picked their star color, RS619 Venus as well as OR316 Mango (did I mention that I’m having a tangerine moment?). RS619 Venus is a dark, plum-red color which I am totally in love with at the moment. OR316 Mango is an everyday color which can easily brighten up your face. What I like about the Shiseido Shimmering Rouge range is the beautiful shine on the lips after application. It is also highly moisturizing like a sheen of water on top of your lips. So luscious!

I’ve been wearing RS619 Venus almost every other day to the office and to events. The frequently asked questions are, “How do you wear such a bold color? How do you draw your lips?” I didn’t realized that wearing bold lipstick colors can be intimidating! To me, I’ve always been a fan of bold lipstick colors – so I don’t have any issues! Watch my video on how to wear bold lipstick featuring RS619 Venus (tell me if you are in love with the color!):

Featuring seven new shades for the Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Spring 2012 collection.

Watch Fash-Eccentric TV: Episode 5: How To Wear Bold Lipstick with Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Spring 2012 video.

Watch Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Spring 2012 video.

Another favorite from Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Spring 2012 collection: OR316 in Mango.

image & video: Fash-Eccentric & Shiseido

British Fine Fragrance Brand, Penhaligon’s: Scent Profiling with Mike

What is your scent?  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever asked myself this before. Personally, I like the smell of bursting of citrus flavors and fresh floral bouquets with a hint of woodiness (if that makes any sense at all). My fragrance shopping behavior is usually influenced by the awesome idea behind the ad campaign (sometimes, I am the ‘perfect’ consumer) and a quick sniff of the little paper strips handed out along Orchard Road or at airports. This behavior is about to ‘change’.

Even before you step into Penhaligon’s, you get the sense of ‘drama’. Designed by Christopher Jenner, this gorgeous boutique is worth a visit.

142-year old British fragrance house, Penhaligon’s opened its first boutique in Singapore last August at ION Orchard #03-16 (Tel: 6634 1040). According to Sarah Rotheram, Penhaligon’s CEO, “Penhaligon’s is uniquely positioned as a British fragrance house, and we wanted an interactive, theatrical environment to showcase our range of fine fragrances and accessories. We demanded the unexpected: ensuring that antique pieces could sit comfortably alongside contemporary design without compromising the heritage of 140 years of history”. I was invited to Penhaligon’s last week for a scent profiling session with Mike, our charming scent profiler who helped find the perfect scent for my friend, Azliana and I.

In this Episode 4 of Fash-Eccentric TV, watch how Mike ‘scent profile’ Azliana and I … and did we find our perfect scent? Watch and find out :) I had loads of fun making this 3-part video for Episode 4 so hope you enjoy it!

Episode 4: Penhaligon’s in Singapore: Scent Profiling with Mike (Part 1)How to cleanse your palette? What is your relationship with fragrance?

Episode 4: Penhaligon’s in Singapore: Scent Profiling with Mike (Part 2) – Short-listing THREE fragrances for Azliana and her final fragrance: Night Scented Stock Eau de Toilette 100ml

Episode 4: Penhaligon’s in Singapore: Scent Profiling with Mike (Part 3) – Short-listing THREE fragrances for X-Wen and her final fragrance… GUESS WHAT?

The interior of Penhaligon’s Singapore at ION Orchard. I feel like I’ve been transported back in time to the Victorian days.

All Penhaligon’s fragrances are still made in England using the finest rare ingredients. There are over 30 unique and distinctive fragrances in Penhaligon’s portfolio.

Each Penhaligon’s fragrance bottle is the signature clear glass bottle with a ribbon-wrapped stopper – similar to the original design by the founder, William Penhaligon.

I love the elegant wood paneling, beautiful tiled floors and even this gorgeous mirror!

Finally, Mike shortlisted these three fragrances for moi (two of them are for Men!):

(from left) Douro Eau de Portugal Cologne 100ml, LP No. 9 for Ladies Eau de Toilette 100ml & LP No. 9 for Men Eau de Toilette 100ml

FASH-REVIEW: In the end, he picked the LP No. 9 for Men Eau de Toilette 100ml for me which was one half of the LP No. 9 series (I was prescribed both!). This range is designed for Valentine’s Day and also meant to be a androgynous so men and women can both ‘share’ their perfumes. Azliana thinks my scent is too ‘man’ (of course, she’s super girly as compared to me!) but Bubster is a fan of my new scent. Personally, I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS SCENT! It’s not a scent that I would simply pick off the rack – simply because it’s a guy scent. I never thought that after sniffing like a million fragrances – I would end up with a scent as unique as this. Like Mike said, you must have a little bit of a ‘swagger’ to carry this scent off – haha, I guess I’ve got SWAGGER :) The LP. No. 9 for Men are priced at SGD210 (100ml) and SGD153 (50ml). The general price range for Penhaligon’s fragrances are from SGD210 to SGD290. I think it’s decent for something as unique and specially curated for you.

Here are more info on my LP. No. 9 for Men:

Head Notes
Mandarin, Bergamot and Rosewood

Heart Notes
Jasmine, Orris, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Clove, Cinnamon, Pepper and Nutmeg

Base Notes
Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk and Amber

Created in 1999, LP No. 9 for Men casts a spell of powdered darkness with its complex heart of ylang-ylang and spices. The fresh top notes of mandarin, bergamot and rosewood soon give way to the unusual floral and spiced heart. The seductive base notes are led by sweet vanilla and earthy patchouli with whisps of musk and amber creating sensual layers of warmth and mystery.

Perfumer: Christian Provenzano

What an awesome experience! Thank you, Penhaligon’s for the great session – I’ll be back with Bubster because this man needs to be scent profiled :)

images & video: Fash-Eccentric

Fash-News: Asia Fashion Exchange 2012 Details Revealed

Yes, it’s the time of the year again - Asia Fashion Exchange 2012! Singapore’s fashion event of the year consists of four major pillars of AFX 2012 such as Asia Fashion Summit (AFS), Audi Star Creation Designer Competition, Blueprint trade show and the Audi Fashion Festival (AFF). I attended the press conference last Friday at Lasalle College of the Arts and gosh, the entire fashion industry was there!

For the newbies, here is a quick summary of what each pillar is all about (according to their official websites, obviously):

Asia Fashion Summit (AFS) – 14 – 17 May 2012: Asia’s fashion business conference in which international key speakers share their knowledge, industry insight and expert views across the fashion board.

Audi Star Creation - 14 May 2012: The Asian fashion design competition organised by the Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore) ato uncover Asian talents, present them with the opportunity to launch their fashion careers and groom them into tomorrow’s top fashion designers.

Blueprint – 17 – 18 May 2012 (Tradeshow); 19 – 20 May 2012 (Emporium): Blueprint Tradeshow is the one-stop fashion trade gateway for East-West exchange, created to present up-and-coming International and Asian designers. Blueprint Emporium offers exclusive sales of seasonal wares and one-off samples from Blueprint exhibitors and other suppliers and it is open to the public.

Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) – dates unavailable: The biggest fashion event of the year for Singapore which features an international and local lineup of fashion designers, supermodels and parties all happening at Tent@Orchard.

Watch Fash-Eccentric TV for the highlights of Blueprint 2012 and The Brandery Asia showcase.

Lee Hwa Jewellery presents this year’s Blueprint 2012 for the second time. This four-day trade and consumer fashion event, will be held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 17 to 20 May. Yes, it’s no longer at Marina Bay Sands. This trade show features the Pre-Spring 2013 womenswear, menswear and accessories collections of Asian and International emerging designers, while Emporium from 19 to 20 May transforms the trade venue to Asia’s defining shopping destination. Tracy Phillips, Program Director of Blueprint 2012 says that the Blueprint Emporium is going to be a”shoppers’ paradise” and the public are encouraged to come and shop directly from the designers themselves. Good news, The Brandery Asia is going to be an extension of Blueprint 2012 this year to showcase the latest in fashion, trends, music and design.

Audi Singapore has come onboard as Star Creation‘s title sponsor and this year, the event has been renamed to Audi Star Creation. This year, 255 entries from 13 countries in hope of becoming the next big Asian fashion designer. This is a record number for the fashion design competition as the number of entries tripled since its inaugural year in 2010. 12 finalists will present their collection and the winners will be announced on 14 May 2012. The top three winners will win SGD10,000 in cash and a one-year internship with leading fashion retailer, FJ Benjamin. These winners will then create their capsule collection under FJ Benjamin’s guidance and compete for the Audi Young Designer Award (AYDA) and additional SGD10,000 cash prize in Audi Star Creation 2013.

images: AFX 2012 ; video: Fash-Eccentric