Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

ONE more day! Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014 collection will be launched tomorrow at four Topshop Singapore stores: ION Orchard, Knightsbridge, Bugis Junction and JEM. This highly anticipated capsule collection gives the heritage classics of adidas Originals the ultimate Topshop flavour with bespoke prints (did someone say CATS?) and re-engineered silhouettes in hues of soft coral, field green and gritty monochrome. The iconic three stripes mix with London-inspired motif brings street culture back in style. Limited pieces are only available for each design. Head down and shop tomorrow (remember the early bird catches the worm!).

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

Topshop for adidas Originals S/S 2014

images: Topshop

adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony S/S 2013

It’s back! adidas Originals and Opening Ceremony collaborated for the second time for the latest Spring/Summer 2013 collection of sports-inspired men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and footwear. This time, it’s all about the running and tennis gear. If you’re looking for statement-making sports gear, get ready for the neoprene baby tees, boldly striped shirting, pointelle knits, and athletic shorts in cheetah spots. Totally rad! What are you waiting for? Start shopping, dammit.

adidas Original x Opening Ceremony

ME-OWWWW! Tulip Hem Leotard (US$230) – available in Light Red.

adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony S/S 2013

Crazy for stripes: The tennis collection will be coming soon in mid-March. Watch this space.

adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony S/S 2013

Stay dry with these funky Patch Pocket Anorak (US$230) and Shrunken Parka (US$345)

adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony S/S 2013

Who says bottoms aren’t cute? Sheer Flared Skirt (US$170) and Tulip Running Shorts (US$105)

adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony S/S 2013

I’m having the ultimate shoe crush on NEW YORK Wedges (US$210) and Honey Tennis Wedges (US$210)

images: Opening Ceremony

Yoga Fashionista: Free People’s Yoga Line, FP Movement

Look around your yoga studio and you’ll notice a sea of Lululemons. The “individual” in me constantly seek alternative yoga gear to add to my highly-dominated Lululemon wardrobe. Free People launched its new yoga line, FP Movement with a burst of printed and tie-dye gear that will make you squeal in happiness. You can also find cute cardigans and tops that you can easily hit the town after class. Here are my favourites from the collection (and I can’t wait to order them!):

Yoga Fashionista: Free People's Yoga Clothing

Printed Sports Bra (S$84.50) and Printed Dolphin Short (S$72.08). I love the bra, such a head-turner!

Yoga Fashionista: Free People's Yoga Clothing

Printed Ballet Crop (S$84.50). I’m always looking for a chic yoga top that allows me that I can wear out.

Yoga Fashionista: Free People's Yoga Clothing

Foldover Frill Legging (S$72.08). This is too cute! Also available in grey and black.

Yoga Fashionista: Free People's Yoga Clothing

Ribbed Up Maxi Cardigan (S$96.93), Tie-Dye Sports Bra (S$59.65) & Tie-Dye Short (S$84.50).

Yoga Fashionista: Free People's Yoga Clothing

Cobra Yoga Bag (S$84.90). Super chic! I super want this!

FP Movement Printed Yoga Mat

FP Movement Printed Yoga Mats (S$96.93). Made from latex-free, durable foam material.

images: Free People

Wearing Pyjamas Outside the Bedroom?

Rihanna in Emilio Pucci Fall 2012

When Rihanna started attending film premieres in sleepwear at the end of last year, the fashion world sat up and took notice. Pyjamas are becoming more than just the ideal ensemble for wearing around the house on a lazy Saturday – they’re well on their way to becoming a wardrobe essential.

There’s a whole range of activities that pyjamas are perfect for. Next time you pick up some pyjamas at, consider just how versatile they are:


Yoga Pyjamas

People are generally encouraged to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes for their yoga classes at the gym – pyjamas are the perfect attire. When you need to do big bends and stretches, a good pair of pyjamas will maintain your modesty while allowing you to get into the most difficult of positions.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski Pyjamas

If you want to try your hand at skiing or snowboarding but would rather not splash out hundreds of pounds on expensive gear, you can easily improvise. Get a good pair of waterproof nylon trousers, which can be reused even if you don’t hit the slopes again. Underneath you want to keep warm, so you’ll need another layer – pyjama bottoms will keep you comfortable and warm.

Pyjama Party

Pyjamas at

Parties can have all kinds of themes and dress codes so why not throw a pyjama party? Hark back to your school days and sleepovers by asking guests to don pyjamas at the next gathering in your home. It might not be as classy as a black tie event but your pyjama party may well prove more relaxing and enjoyable – for the guests and yourself.


Chic Gardening

You can buy heavy duty gardening trousers (especially handy if you’re tackling a particularly thorny garden) but wearing pyjamas can prove less restrictive. You can easily get into the right position for pruning your bushes, and even if you get them muddy, they’ll come out of the wash looking right as rain. Just ignore any funny looks you might get from the neighbours.

Yoga Fashionista: WE’AR Yoga Clothing

I first noticed yogis wearing WE’AR Yoga Clothing at the last Teacher’s Training session. I found out that the label made in Bali. It’s either fate or pure coincidence that I stumbled upon WE’AR clothing store in Waiheke Island, New Zealand yesterday. The designer is actually based in Waiheke Island but her designs are all made from sustainable materials in Bali. I didn’t have enough time to try most of the collection (time isn’t on my plate!) but I’ve managed to buy something from WE’AR to add to my growing yoga wardrobe. Good news, you can shop online for WE’AR and they do ship to Singapore!

WE'AR Yoga Clothing

Made from 100% superfine organic cotton, the fresh as tank has a raw edges that you will want in all colors.

WE'AR Yoga Clothing

I bought myself a pair of new romantic leggings. Of course, I’m lusting after the rest of the leggings and pants.

WE'AR Yoga Clothing

I’m in love with this super cute raja shorts! Aptly called “sweet little puffs of happiness”, don’t you think?

WE'AR Yoga Clothing

I’m always looking for a coverall over my yoga gear – you know, take it to the streets. This tubelicious is just awesome.

images: WE’AR

Yoga Fashionista: Teeki, Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing

Yoga has taken over my life over the past week. I’m in the midst of my teacher training and taking a mini-break from blogging. I haven’t really caught up with my emails or checking out the latest in fashion and beauty. BUT, I can share my latest yoga obsession: TEEKI, an active wear line made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable materials. You’re recycling 25 plastic bottles with just a pair of these hot pants! There are hot shorts and bikinis available as well. The best thing is you can easily transit from your yoga mat and hit the town in these funky pants. I want all of them, dammit.

Yoga Fashionista: teeki

A yoga buddy owns a pair of these Northern Lights Hot Pants (USD60).

Yoga Fashionista: teeki

I WANT. I WANT. I WANT. Ganesha’s Dream Hot Pants (USD60).

Yoga Fashionista: teeki

I am obsessed with the kaleidoscope of colors. Clouds Hot Pants (USD60).

Yoga Fashionista: teeki

If you’ve long legs, you will rock this Desert Hot Pants (USD60)

images: teeki

Yoga Fashionista: Om Republic Fall 2012

Inspired by distinctive Asian styles and silhouettes, Singapore’s Om Republic offers a unique range of yoga apparel that will stand out in a crowd of Lululemons. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Lululemon Athletica but it’s time to celebrate diversity on the mat! This Fall 2012, the collection is heavily influenced by traditional South Asian dresses refreshed in new colors. This season, it’s time to fall in love in hues of Sienna, Hibiscus, Rose and Cobalt. I’m particularly hooked on the bright Sienna and I’m ready to make my first order from Om Republic. It’s time to show your support for a beautiful homegrown label! Namaste.

Yoga Fashionista: Om Republic Fall 2012

Ylang Tank in Hibiscus with Charcoal Trim (S$60.00) and Izzy Legging in Charcoal (S$63.00)

Yoga Fashionista: Om Republic Fall 2012

Neiha Tank in Cobalt with Charcoal trim (S$60.00) and Mag Crop in Navy with White buttons (S$63.00)

Yoga Fashionista: Om Republic Fall 2012

Neiha Tank in Sienna with Earth trim (S$60.00) and Mag Crop in Graphite with White buttons (S$63.00)

Sue Cami in white (S$52.00) and Bottom: Ling Crop in Sienna with white trim (S$64.00)

images: Om Republic

Yoga Fashionista: Mika Yoga Wear

You know you “LIKE” a lot of yoga-related Facebook Pages when all you get are yoga ads. Then again, I’m a sucker for all things yoga. I clicked on Californian label, Mika Yoga Wear Facebook Page and I was immediately attracted to their limited edition neon collection. Mika Yoga Wear is not all about yoga clothing as their collections are also suitable for pole dancing and all body movement sports. You can also find swimwear as well as after-work out clothing.  Made in Peru, Mika Yoga Wear is a family-owned business that is definitely in my yoga fashionista books. You just have to see it to believe it:

Yoga Fashionista: Mika Yoga Wear

These limited edition neon babies will definitely turn heads at your yoga, pilates or even pole class!

Yoga Fashionista: Mika Yoga Wear

The Kora top and Meeko shorts in Mango are a breath of fresh air, don’t you think?

Yoga Fashionista: Mika Yoga Wear

Swim or Yoga, take your pick. The Lolita top is versatile and provides great support.

images: Mika Yoga Wear

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry, HK’s Vintage-Inspired Yogawear

It’s the weekend! I just finished a 2.5 hours of intense yoga with ‘the’ Ana Forrest this morning. It was worth the pain and heat, trust me. Let’s talk about yoga fashion (because we love lookin’ cute on the mat!). I discovered HK’s yogawear label, Omberry started by childhood friends, Katherine Wong and Victoria Fong. What’s cool about Omberry is that their line is inspired by vintage styles and feminine silhouettes that will flatter the female body of all sizes. I have yet to get a piece of Omberry for myself but I can’t wait for their next collection to hit the online store (yes, you can shop online!):

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry - Margot Tank

Possibly my favourite from the collection, the Margot Tank is an asymmetrical wonder (USD58.00).

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry - Kate Tank

A little more sporty, the Kate Tank has a fuller coverage and is perfect for all body shapes. Also comes in Navy. Priced at USD64.00.

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry - Audrey Tank

The Audrey Tank reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! A classic, elegant cut with cute cut-outs and bow detail – this is love at first sight. Priced at USD64.00.

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry - Jamie Tank

The Jamie Tank can be transformed into a halter, just unhook the back and tie a ribbon! Priced at USD55.00 and also comes in Berry.

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry Sienna and Ashley Bra Tops

You can also shop for their cute bras such as Sienna Bra (Priced at USD48.00) and Ashley Bra (Priced at USD45.00).

Yoga Fashionista: Omberry - Alexa Wrap

I’m always seeking for the perfect wrap or cardigan for the pre/post yoga workout look. This Alexa Wrap is versatile and a definite must-have. Priced at USD99.00.

images: Omberry

Yoga Fashionista: prAna Fall 2012 Collection

What do you do every weekend? For me, it’s yoga, yoga, yoga and blog. Yeah, that’s as exciting as I can get. My quest to build a bigger yoga wardrobe continues… let me introduce you to prAna. I noticed my yoga teachers like wearing prAna alot and I’m in love with the Leyla Top for its sexy back. I’m starting to seek out the criteriasof the perfect yoga top. For instance, it has to be long enough to cover the belly during inversion, breathable and no sweat marks. I can just go on. Let’s check out the highly anticipated prAna Fall 2012 collection to add to my yoga wardrobe:

Yoga Fashionista: prAna Fall 2012 Collection

Ooh, I’m lusting after this Leyla Top in Agate Ikat print.

Yoga Fashionista: prAna Fall 2012 Collection

I WANT IT NOW. The Crissy Tank in Charcoal Heather Amethyst is simply to-die-for. Now, where’s my disposable cash?

Yoga Fashionista: prAna Fall 2012 Collection

For the extra “ohm”, pick the Leyla top in Winter Medallion. If you love things asymmetrical, the Etta Top in Purple Mirage is  definitely eye-catching.

Yoga Fashionista: prAna Fall 2012 Collection

I pick light, breathable clothing to wear after yoga. I love this Rapture T in Mystic and Rapture Hoodie in Bougainvillea.

images: prAna


Yoga Fashionista: Hard Tail Forever

It is hard to miss Hard Tail Forever‘s ad when I flip through Yoga Journal every month. Known for its kaleidoscope colours and roll down pants, Hard Tail Forever brings out the inner rockstar with its tattoo-inspired and cool cat designs. Personally, I don’t own anything from Hard Tail Forever but I’ve been keeping my eye on their Dip-Dyed Ribbed Tank as well as Roll Down Layered Legging (Embroidered Midnight Lotus Flower). It’s time to add a little variety into my yoga wardrobe. It’s difficult to find new campaign photos but do enjoy the amazing asanas from the ever-wonderful Hard Tail Forever ad campaign (now you know why they got my attention):

If you’re living in Singapore, you can shop for Hard Tail Forever from Inspira Yoga, londo mondo or Amazon.

From tank tops to bra tops to shorts, you get a whole active wear variety from Hard Tail Forever.

Yoga Fashionista: HARDTAIL FOREVER

You can’t get more hippie than dip-dyed.

Yoga Fashionista: HARDTAIL FOREVER

Light, earthy colours bring balance into your practice.

Yoga Fashionista: HARDTAIL FOREVER

Color-blocking your yoga gear.


The Chic-tionary of the London 2012 Olympics

We are only hours away before the kick-off of London 2012 Olympics at 4:00am (Singapore Time). Who’s excited? I am! I’ve been reading a lot about the Olympics and getting up to date with the news. I feel the most patriotic during sporting events – what about you? I wish I’m in London right at this moment to experience the Olympics buzz. If you are clueless about the Olympics, well it’s time to get up to speed with Fash-Eccentric‘s The Chictionary of the London 2012 Olympics (because it has almost everything to do with fashion and style):

A is for Athletes
Ooh, who are the hottest athletes to watch out for at the London 2012 Olympics? If you don’t know anything about sports, just look out for eye-candy like me. I have a long list of favourites but let me just shortlist two – just for now. For the next 16 days, I’ll keep updating my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for your viewing pleasure.

London 2012 Olympics: Hope Solo

Hope Solo is the goalie for Team USA’s women’s soccer team. This woman has appeared on the cover of Vogue US‘s June 2012 issue and an outspoken personality which got her kicked out of the team – once. Now, she’s back in action and can she help Team USA reach the finals?

London 2012 Olympics: Tom Daley

Seriously. Just look at him. I feel like a cradle-snatcher just blogging about Team GB‘s prodigy diver, Tom Daley. This 18-year old is sooo boy-band material and definitely a heart-breaker. I don’t even want to go into the details of his washboard abs. This young chap has already appeared in Vogue Italia with Kate Moss at age 15. Jealous much? Let’s just say that I’ll be watching the Diving events aloooott.

B is for Best Uniforms
From Stella McCartney for Team GB to the Emporio Armani for Team Italy, it is almost like a fashion challenge for the countries to design the most functional yet stylish uniforms and sports gear for their Olympians. My ultimate pick is South Korean‘s 2012 Olympics uniform designed by Italian sportswear brand, Fila and South Korean label, Bean Pole. Inspired by the 1948 Olympic Games uniform, the sailor-inspired uniform with navy blazers, white fedoras, sleek white pants, red handkerchiefs, argyle socks and white oxford shoes. Now, can we buy this because I want one too? Another outstanding uniform is Jamaica designed by Bob Marley‘s daughter, Cedella Marley with Puma.

London 2012 Olympics: South Korean Uniforms by Fila and Bean Pole

South Korean’s London 2012 Olympics uniform designed by Fila and Bean Pole.

London 2012 Olympics: Jamaica Uniform by Cedella Marley for Puma

Jamaica’s London 2012 Olympics uniform designed by Cedella Marley for Puma.

C is Commemorative Souvenirs
I am the No. 1 Tacky Queen. I love commemorative souvenirs, for some strange reasons. Anything “limited edition, “special edition” catches my attention for obvious reasons. Here are some of my favourites and it’s time for you to catch on to the Olympics MANIA:

London 2012 Olympics: Commemorative Souvenirs

From top, left (clockwise): Miu Miu “The London Special Edition” collection, Bally-rina Athena (HKD 3,990) & Bally Hanoe fabric tote (US$695), Solange Azagury-Partridge ‘Brittania Hotlips’ ring (£1,150), Marks and Spencer London 2012 Olympic Biscuit Tin 255gChurch’s ‘Stratford’ lace-ups (£195)Pandora Olympic Collection Charms (from SGD55), Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose Mini Set (SGD30), Vintage-Inspired Olympics Gap Olympic Triblend Tank (US$24.90) and Tatty Devine ‘Medallist’ necklace (from £27.50).


London 2012 Olympics: Mulberry Union Jack Bayswater

If you prefer a subtle commemorative souvenir that you can use everyday, you’ll love this Mulberry Union Jack Bayswater (SGD1999) featuring the Postman’s Lock with an understated engraved Union Jack. This is definitely a collective must-have.

D is for Duchess of Cambridge
The question is… “What is Kate Middleton going to wear at the Olympics?” Everyone wants to know.

London 2012 Olympics: Kate Middleton Greeting Olympic Torch

Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William together with Prince Harry greeted the torch at Buckingham Palace. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted in a white Team GB polo tee and blue skinny jeans from ZARA with black wedges from Stuart Weitzman. Love how she is embracing the Olympics spirit!

London 2012 Olympics: Kate Middleton / Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton is obviously taking a her role seriously as she plays table tennis in a cute Hobbs Wessex dress at Bacon’s College to launch a junior coaching program. She was also spotted in coral skinny jeans by ZARA and Pucci blazer when visiting the Olympics Park.

It’s time to COUNTDOWN to the London 2012 Olympics!