Top “Must-See” Art: Art Stage Singapore 2012 (12 – 15 January)

Art Stage Singapore 2012 (12 – 15 January 2012) is the second edition of Asia-Pacific’s premier international contemporary Asian art fair at Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre. I was invited to its Vernissage Day opening last night for an exclusive VIP preview of the 130 participating galleries from 18 countries with over 50 special projects and presentations. This is my second time to Art Stage Singapore 2012 and I can easily say that this year’s showcase really blew my mind, especially with the higher presence of Southeast Asian and North Asian art. Get ready to see amazing pieces from high-profile exhibitors such as Gana Art Gallery (Seoul/Busan), Gallery Hyundai (Seoul), Mizuma Art Gallery (Tokyo), Ota Fine Art (Tokyo), Tang Contemporary Art (Bangkok/Hong Kong/Beijing), Galerie Eigen+Art (Leipzig/Berlin), Ben Brown Fine Arts (London), Lehmann Maupin (New York), Victoria Miro (London), White Cube (London) and Takashi Murakami‘s Kaikai Kiki Gallery (Tokyo, Taipei).

I spent almost four hours at Art Stage Singapore 2012 and I have so much more to see and experience. The highlight of my night was meeting South Korean artist, Hyung Koo Kang and taking a photograph with the man himself. You bet I’ll be back over the weekend to continue my art immersion walk. Whether you are an art collector or just an art enthusiast, I highly recommend you to attend Art Stage Singapore 2012 – just to immerse yourself in the wonderful art pieces from all over the world. You buy your Art Stage Singapore 2012 season pass (all 3-days) or one-day pass here.

For more photos from Art Stage Singapore 2012, head down to my Facebook Page. Here are some key “must-see” pieces that you should not miss – in my opinion:

One of the first major art pieces you’ll see when you first walk in to the exhibition area. “Lost Paradise 1” (2009-2010) and “Lost Paradise 2” (2010-2011) by artistic duo called THEY (China) has such incredible details. A must-see!

You can’t miss this. Yavuz Fine Art specially commissioned this “Navinland Needs You: We are Asia!” (2012) by Navin Rawanchaikul from Thailand.

This blew my mind away! “Paintings of Sage Traces No. 1″ (2011) by Chinese artist, Zhang Huan. Incense ashes and adhesive on linen – that’s incredible!

I was immediately drawn into the facial expressions of “Indonesian Women” (2010 – 2011) by Yan Pei-Ming.

From famed Japanese artist, Keiichi Tanaami, this “Superabundant existence” has all the pop colors and essence of Keiichi’s works.

“Theresa” (2011) by South Korean artist Hyung Koo Kang, oil on aluminum is unbelievable when you see this in real-life. The aluminum strokes bring this picture to life.

I was literally speechless when I met the non-English speaking Hyung Koo Kang in person. Thanks to his interpretor, Sean Lee that we managed to communicate (somehow hehe).

I NEED THIS. I fell in love with Ma Jun‘s new china series and you gotta love this “Tape Recorder” (2006).

Is this the Girl With The Pearl Earring? Not. This piece is by Morimura Yasumasa“Vermeer Study: Looking Back (Mirror),” (2008).

If  you’re interested in Ai Weiwei‘s work – this “Kui Hua Zi (Sunflower Seeds)” (2009) contains 1000 sunflower seeds in porcelain, sculpted and painted by hand in a glass jar. I guess that’s quite an achievement on its own right?

One of my favorites from Art Stage Singapore 2012. This Diasec on C-print “Saturday Night” (2007) by South Korean artist, Insook Kim.

It’s purely voyeuristic and it will leave you staring at it for hours.

Singapore, represent! From the local art collective, :phunk, this “D.R.E.A.M.” (2011) silkscreen with diamond dust – bling, anyone?

This is a candy wonderland. “We Are The Singing Pirates” (2011) by Seong Tae Jin is embossed works on wood – which is awesome.

Watch the young artists from Takashi Murakami‘s Kaikai Kiki Gallery paint ‘live’ at their booth. So inspiring!

If I have a house THIS BIG, I want this. It didn’t look amazing in the books or online, but I was fascinated by the details when I see Mr.’s “Desktop of my Mind” (2011) in person. Yes, the artist is simply known as Mr.

Here’s an upclose of one eye – look at that!!

Speaking about details, this “Dissected Buddha” (2011) is an incredible piece by Tibetan artist, Gonkar Gyatso.

Look closer at the “Dissected Buddha”, it’s a collage of pop icons from everywhere!

From Liu Bolin‘s “Hiding in the City” series – can you tell where he is hiding? This is CRAZY!

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty psyched about Macoto Murayama‘s BoTech art called “Inorganic Flora”. I want to get this, but where should I put this?

The oversized Chen Wenling‘s “Childhood – Horizon” (2010) pieces are good for photo-taking opportunities.

Another Chen Wenling piece that cracked me up big time! “What You See Might Not Be Real” (2009) – hahaha.

Representing Indian contemporary art, Thukral & Tagra‘s “Science, Mystery & Magic II” (2011) is such a delight.

Representing Indonesia, Dadang Christanto‘s “S Plus” is derived from the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus.

Experience art by taking an old-school photo from just $5. Brought to you from Kuala Lumpur.

Hidden in the corner for VIPs, “Artificial Moon” (2007) by Wang Yuyang is made from over 4,500 energy-saving bulbs and measures 4m in diameter.

images: Fash-Eccentric