Moschino Gennarino for iPad / iPad Mini

Moschino‘s cuddly Gennarino the Bear is all grown up. You can now buy the ever-popular Gennarino for your iPad or iPad Mini. Just imagine your Gennarino peeking at you from behind. Too cute! Available online at the Moschino online store, the iPad /i Pad Mini holders are priced at US$145 for iPad Mini and US$155 for regular iPad. You can get them in either brown or black. Get one now!

Moschno Gennarino for iPad

Moschino Gennarino for iPad

images: Moschino

The Battle of the iPhone Cases: Moschino’s Luisa VS Nicopanda’s Zombie Panda

Alright, this is a serious showdown. Let’s gather around for the *drums roll* … The Battle of the iPhone Cases: Moschino‘s Luisa the Goose iPhone case vs Nicopanda‘s Zombie Panda iPhone case. It’s not just a popularity contest so may the best winner… win.

Moschino Luisa the Goose iPhone 4 / 4S Case

Move over Gennarino, your girlfriend’s in town! Luisa the Goose is one of the best iPhone cases – like ever. Best of all, you can buy two version – for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. I mean c’mon… Luisa is hugging your phone. Like how cute is that? Good news, Moschino‘s Luisa the Goose iPhone cases go on sale worldwide at the end of January. Start to count down.

Nicopanda Zombie Panda iPhone Case

Who doesn’t love ZOMBIES? Nicopanda‘s Zombie Panda iPhone case is too cool for school. This squishy silicone iPhone case is only available for iPhone 4 / 4S. Oh well, I am currently using an iPhone 5 – so, this one’s out for me. Priced at USD85.00 and available in two colours – black and blue/white. Time to place your order now!

And the winner is… Moschino‘s Luisa the Goose! Just because there is an iPhone 5 version. Hah.

images: Moschino & Opening Ceremony

Fash-Tech: PRADA Phone by LG 3.0

The time has arrived! PRADA Phone by LG 3.0 will be launched from today, 7 January at all three local carriers’ website – SingTel (funny, I can’t seem to find the page on their website!) /Starhub / M1. To register your interest for this stylish new phone, fans will receive a limited edition PRADA-branded phone cradle worth SGD$228 – so hurry before they run out! If you’re keen in getting the PRADA Phone without a contract, no worries. LG will be holding a one-day-only sale on 21 January, exclusively at its LG LIVE Store located at Marina Bay Sands – and yes, the early birds will receive the phone cradle too. The PRADA Phone by LG 3.0 will be available at SGD$1,088 without contract.

Get ready for a style innovation!

The sleek, all-black PRADA Phone by LG 3.0 is set for any fashionista or stylish geeks.

I love the slimness and PRADA’s signature Saffiano pattern to the back. Simple yet chic.

images: LG Singapore

Shop Without Your Wallet! UOB Mobile Banking App for iPhone

PICTURE THIS: You’re in Orchard Road and you totally forgot your wallet - no cash, no ATM cards, no credit cards, NOTHING except your iPhone. What are you going to do? Well, the first thing I would do is GO HOME and get my wallet. But that would take you forever to get home and back to Orchard Road. Forget it! Time is money. Thanks to UOB‘s first Mobile Banking App for iPhone (free download from iTunes store) – you don’t need to worry! This is the first mobile banking application that enables cardless cash withdrawals. Sounds exciting but scary at the same time? Don’t worry, the security issues are taken care of. Sender must register a list of recipients, their relationship with the sender, and the recipients’ personal information (NRIC and mobile numbers, name) before any transfer can take place. Also, you can transfer a maximum of $500 per day and a recipient can only receive one transaction per day. The transaction is only valid for 24 hours and sender can cancel it anytime.

If you’re an existing UOB customer and iPhone user, why not downoad the app for free and try it out yourself? If you’re an Android or Blackberry user, the apps and web version will be launched soon in 2012.

Let me walk you step by step through this entire UOB Mobile Cash process using the new iPhone app:

Step 1: Login with your Internet Banking ID and password

Step 2: Click on MOBILE CASH

Step 3: Select your debit account, withdrawal amount (SGD), select recipient (remember to add recipient using Internet Banking first!) and etc.

Step 4: Validate your entries and click CONFIRM.

Step 5: You will receive the confirmation page as well as your transaction reference.

Step 6: Your friend/family will receive an SMS on their phone and they must follow the instructions at any UOB ATM machines. First, enter TRANSACTION REFERENCE NUMBER followed by WITHDRAWAL PASSWORD (provided by you!)

Step 7: Confirm your MOBILE CASH WITHDRAWAL.

FINALLY! $10 is mine and let’s go shopping! LOL.

What’s cool is this Augmented Reality function which is a ‘point and view’ feature of the latest card promotions and privileges, and nearest UOB branches and ATMs. You can find more than 1,000 merchant offers through this app. Cool or what? Personally, I’m using the UOB Lady’s card and this is super helpful when I’m out and about at Orchard Road. This app has helped me locate some awesome deals!

images: Fash-Eccentric/UOB



Fall 2011: Top 5 Geek-Chic Gear for Fashionistas

As a fashion blogger, there are just some geek-chic gear that I can’t live without. iPhone. iPad. Blackberry. Android. Netbook. Macbook. Gosh, the list goes on and on. The next step is to dress up your geek-chic gear and here are my top five picks for Fall 2011. Anyone wants to challenge my choices? Go to my Facebook Page and tell me!

#1: Quilted Lambskin Chanel iPad Clutch with CHANEL Signature Zipper

Where should I start? The FACT that this is Chanel or the FACT that it’s quilted lamb skin. So chic. I can just die. So would you pay US$1,555 to hold your iPad (which obviously cost less)? I would say YES.

#2: DVF Cruise 2011 iPhone 4 Case

Aren’t these DVF Cruise 2011 iPhone 4 case super? These cute, hardcases are currently in DVF Singapore stores now and retailing at S$40 – which is not a bad price at all! I’m particularly lovin’ the “Feel Like a Woman Wear a Dress” case. What a statement!

#3: FunkyChargers

It’s a tell-tale sign that I need to upgrade my iPhone to the new iPhone 4S (yes, have you registered your interest with SingTel?) when my battery is not serving me well at all. It’s not cool when your iPhone run out of juice when you’re at a fashion event and you need to tweet! FunkyChargers have the cutest mobile chargers that everyone should have. Remember, it’s not cool when the juice runs out! Retailing at S$17.90 – what a steal! Don’t worry if you have a Blackberry or HTC or Samsung phone – you can find your own mobile charger too.

#4: Balenciaga Voyage Laptop Bag

It’s PINK. It’s PRETTY. What more can I ask for? Right?

#5: Olympus PEN Mahogany Skin Guard Wood

Technology moves too fast. I’m not ready to let go of my Olympus PEN EP-L1 and now, we have the Olympus PEN Mini! It’s funny how I bought my camera just over a year ago and now, I’m like four generations behind! This is nuts. I’m looking to pimp my camera with this Mahogany Skin Guard Wood which I found on eBay. What do you think?

Contest! Win the Design Experience Pack for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

Sony Ericsson has offered not one, but TWO Design Experience Pack  (worth S$68) for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini for a special giveaway. It’s the easiest way to pimp your mobile phone – and of course, this is specially for women. Unless you’re a dude who’s into pink and lace designs. Start accessorizing now, but first… how can you win this smashing kit:

How to win the Design Experience Pack (includes 3 mobile cover designs, 1 mobile charm and 1 sleek mobile strap):

Join the Fash-Eccentric Facebook Page here.

And guess which is my personal favourite design cover.

Entry Deadline: 11 December 2010, Saturday.

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