Here’s a small toast to the next phase in my life: I’m going to be a MUM. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@fasheccentric), you would have seen my pregnancy announcement (see image below). Am I excited? Of course. Am I anxious? Hell yeah. I’ve been keeping mum about my pregnancy in the initial stages (you know, just to be safe). But hey, a baby is on the way and now, I want the world to know!

Thank you for being patient (I know I haven’t been blogging much) and sticking with this 8-year old blog through the years. No worries, fashion and beauty blogging continues with a little peek into my motherhood journey. Stay tuned.


2013: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Let’s side track for a moment (since I’m still on holiday in New Zealand). What’s your New Year’s resolution(s) for 2013? I’ve had plenty of time in Middle Earth to think about the “biggie” and “mini” goals for the next 12 months. I thought, “Why not share mine?”:

#1: Be Certified & Teach Yoga

2013 New Year's Resolution: Christina Sell

Yes, I’ll be officially certified to teach yoga in July 2013 *fingers crossed* That’s one of my teachers, Christina Sell and I do aspire to be like her! It will be a lifelong learning process and I’ve to say yoga has kept me grounded throughout 2012, a “some sort” turbulent year for me. Let’s hope it continues to help me grow as a person and I hope to help others to discover the power of yoga.

#2: Call… Meet… Visit… Family

It’s hard to keep connected with family when you’re living overseas. I left home when I was 18 years old and independence has taught me one great lesson: Always cherish family time.  This year, I’ll call … meet … visit … family more often (hopefully!). I know grand-dad isn’t doing great health-wise – will book the next flight back to pay him a visit.

#3: (Re)Connect with Friends

Yes, we keep connected via Whatsapp – and it’s always nice to meet up once in awhile. I’m going to put 20% more effort this year!

#4: Eat Healthy & Cook More

My mission to keep my belly happy and healthy at the same time. This includes more thorough meal-planning and quit drinking. Yes, I’m over alcohol for good. Seriously. Don’t ask me why I’m not drinking bubbly at events anymore.

#5: Be Organized

You have no idea. I need to organize my thoughts (a lot). Oh, let’s not forget emails. I’m so baddd at replying/following up/organize (again) emails. Oh, my work desk… ah, what a mess! Yes… let’s put everything in order once and for all.

That’s all folks, HAPPY 2013! Think positive because life is short.

I came. I saw. I spoke. All In! Young Writers Media Festival 2012

BIG PHEW. You’ve no idea how much I have been fretting about this event for the longest time. I finally popped my public speaking cherry and you can tell I was nervous from my non-stop rambling and pacing about. To others, it may look like I’m shuffling – haha. Thank you National Book Development Council of Singapore (The Book Council) for inviting me to speak at the All In! Young Writers Media Festival 2012. Kudos to my fellow panel speakers – Christopher Lim and Eternality Tan who were both fantastic speakers (and writers too). Take a look at the photos from the even this morning and you can also download my Prezi on “8 Fash-Tips on Writing Fashion Reviews” here. Let me know what you think – if you have better tips, share it on my Comments.

If you’re interested to view my Prezi at today’s talk, click here to view.

The other amazing speakers on the panel: (from left) Christopher Lim (Correspondent, The Business Times) & Eternality Tan (Film Blogger, Filmnomenon)

I’m glad to have met these young, aspiring writers at the event this morning. Start a blog now and keep writing!

images: Y-Wen

‘The Promise’ Kept Their Promise: No Piano Ties

I received an email this morning that these four cheeky gentlemen calledThe Promise responded to my blog post: AFF 2011: What I Wore to Emmanuel Ungaro A/w 2011 with this video (see below). I bet they were envious of my Bolongaro Trevor Albacore slip because I look more fabulous than they do – seriously, what’s with the shades? Anyway, they made this music video – YES, A MUSIC VIDEO and I’m super flattered that Fash-Eccentric caught their attention. I’m a fan girl! What can I say? Watch the video below and here are some screenshots from the video. HILARIOUS, simply hilarious. Whoever thought of this is a social media genius.

You can totally spell F-A-B :)

Bring out the fierce-nessssssss! *rawrrrr*

Don’t tell me those are Charles & Keith! *faints*

OH yes, no piano ties please…

Thank you for keeping your promise! I’M A FAN OF THE PROMISE!

I don’t want to spoil the fun but this is a Paypal online guerrilla campaign and this beats the Ulu Pandan Bear stint hands down! Thanks for making the video. it’s an honour to get a video response for the first time.

To see more video responses to the other famous bloggers, visit www.wepromiseyou.com

Happy 2011!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Fash-E readers! I’m back in Sillypore after a nice holiday break. As most of you know, I  had my beach wedding in Penang – that’s only the first. It was madness but full of awesome memories. This month, I’ll be moving to my first “home” with Bubster before we jet off to New Zealand for our second wedding in February. It’s a complete marathon! Well, life is never boring if you keep on moving.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Mine is the same as every year: SLEEP more, EAT healthy, SAVE money and LOVE the family! Peace, I’ll be blogging about fashion soon.

2011 is the year of living dangerously (but responsibly!).