Fash-Travel: Cologne Christmas Market in Germany

Bubster and I went for our long-awaited honeymoon to Germany and Switzerland just couple of weeks ago. I guess we are looking for a ‘real’ Christmas experience at the famous German Christmas markets and of course, see snow (which didn’t happen). Our first stop is Cologne in Germany. From late November till Christmas, idyllic Christmas markets spread throughout the Old Town of Cologne. The Cathedral is such a magnificent building that didn’t get bombed during the world war. I say it’s the perfect backdrop for such a festive Christmas market. The best part is you can hop on those old-school, toy-like trains that bring you around the Old Town to all the Christmas Markets. If you ask me, once you’ve been to one – you’ve been to ALL. We had fun stuffing our faces with Bratwursts, Currywursts, Gulhwein, Raclette and many more Christmas goodies. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Isn’t the cathedral beautiful in the night?

Let’s rewind to the start – here’s tired, jetlag me at the first Christmas market of our Germany-Switzerland trip.

There is nothing more comforting than a warm, cuppa Gulhwein.

There are many handmade Christmas decorations to shop for. LOVE!

Currywurst is better than Bratwurst. YUMS.

Love the huts and the servers are all dressed up in characters!

I was like, “Eww, what’s that smell? I’m not eating that”

Turns out, I was smelling something else next door. This Raclette cheese on bread is the yummiest!

I need to learn glass-blowing. How adorable are these snowmen? I wish I have a Christmas tree at home.

Beautiful glass pieces for your tree – Christmas markets are well-stocked with these creations!


This Christmas market is crowded, yo!

images: Fash-Eccentric