Meet & Greet: Erika Bearman a.k.a. OscarPRGirl

Erika Bearman a.k.a. OscarPRGirl

Erika Bearman, Senior VP of Global Communications a.k.a. @OscarPRGirl

If you’re invited to meet Erika Bearman a.k.a. @OscarPRGirl, you don’t turn it down. I had to meet the girl behind the famous Twitter handle, who gave us a sneak peek into the glamorous atelier of Oscar de la Renta and of course, she is one of social media coolest girls. I arrived on-time at Trinity Gallery, a luxury bridal boutique located at Raffles Hotel Singapore which carries exquisite designer bridal gowns by Oscar de la RentaMarchesa, Jenny Packham, Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra and etc. It was lovely chatting with Dr. Elaine Kim, co-owner of Trinity Gallery while waiting for Team Oscar de la Renta to arrive from their lunch appointment. Erika arrived together with Eliza Bolen (daughter of Oscar de la Renta) and Alex Bolen. You could easily spot her smile from a mile away as she greeted the guests at the casual meet & greet session. I didn’t have a chance to have a proper interview with Erika, but here is a summary of our casual conversation over iced lemongrass drink, bubbly and canapés:

On Marina Bay Sands
“Someone told me it’s uncool to say Marina Bay Sands… it’s MBS!” Hmm, for some reason – I didn’t get the memo!

On Movies Watched on the Plane
watched “Her” on her way to Singapore and she loved it. However, the ending didn’t leave her feeling satisfied.

On Tasting Local Cuisine
She managed to sample local cuisine at The Grand Hyatt’s Straits Kitchen on Saturday night. That’s an efficient way of trying Singaporean hawker delights.

On Her Stay in Asia
Initially, she planned to visit Bali together with her husband but he had to work, plus she had to fly back immediately to shoot their advertising campaign in NYC. Bummer.

On Packing for Asia
She didn’t realised how “tropical” Singapore weather is. Some of her outfits with thicker fabric didn’t work here. However, I think her black tube top and white lace skirt works in our weather!

image: Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2014: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014

OOH, what a grand finale to an amazing (tiring!) week of fashion, celebrities, Häagen-Dazs ice-cream (gosh, I love ice-creams!), SK-II ambassadors, Osim uDiva massages,  and Shiraz Mazzeh chicken kebabs (I ate them twice!). Sophia (The Makeup Blogette), Peixian (MsGlitzy) and I were early to catch the backstage action with the NARS team at 5:30pm. But, the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014 rehearsals were still going on – so we went to have dinner instead! I miss having my blogging kakis to attend AFF shows with me since I was flying solo for majority of the shows. After a delicious katsu sandwich, we finally head to the backstage to witness the frantic rush by the NARS makeup team as they only started working their magic at 6:00pm! I had a sneak peek of the runway collection as well as the jewellery (ooh la la!).

Back at the tent, celebrities and distinguished guests are dressed to the nines and posed for hungry photographers at the photo wall. Everyone went ga-ga over Kate Bosworth who appeared at the SK-II booth for media interviews in a shiny, gold number. She is much more petite than I imagined! Beautiful, nonetheless. I believe she bathed in Pitera. The show started promptly at 8:00pm and all eyes were on the beautiful, elegant creations of Oscar de la Renta. I don’t have to described how jaw-dropping gorgeous the collection is. When two little flower girls walked down the runway, everyone just went “Awwwww….” and whipped out their phones to snap those two cuties. Of course, the last look is a dreamy bridal gown. It was a surreal experience to watch an Oscar de la Renta show. Period. I will remember this for a long, long time.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014 at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014

AFF 2014: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014

The final makeup look by NARS makeup team.

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AFF 2014: Thomas Tait A/W 2014

The final show of DAY FOUR at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014  was a speedy, smashing hit with the fashionistas. The Canadian-born/British-based designer Thomas Tait took us through a sci-fi-inspired and extremely fast-paced (yes, all within 9 minutes!) Autumn/Winter 2014 collection featuring bold colour-blocking, super-covetable tailored outerwear, interesting yet clean silhouettes. NARS did a fantastic job with the superhero-like bold eye makeup with nude lips for the models (now I wish I hung out backstage!). This has to be my favourite show of the entire AFF 2014, so far. It was visionary, punchy and amazing in so many levels. Keep a close eye on Thomas Tait because this man is meant to create great things.

video: Fash-Eccentric TV

AFF 2014: Parco Japan featuring Dresscamp A/W 2014

After a slow start at last night’s Audi Fashion Festival 2014, my fashion hopes were redeemed by the Parco Japan featuring Dresscamp A/W 2014 show. I was having a delicious chicken kebab outside the tent at Shiraz Mazzeh together with my fellow media and blogger friends (I love making fashionistas cringe at the sight of my fat kebab! YUMMY!). We honestly thought we had plenty of time before the show since Roberta Pieri feat. Jonathan Liang show started 1.5 hrs late. Well, we were wrong. We barely made it to the show and sat in whichever available seats just minutes before the show started. Let’s just say it was all worth it. Japanese designer Toshikazu Iwaya showcased both menswear and womenswear looks from his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection on runway in extreme dim lighting – hence, a nightmare for Instagrammers! The female models were dolled up like gothic lolitas or  giant Blythe dolls while the men all sported El Bandito moustaches. Overall, the show was super fun, Japanese quirky, crazy and gosh, such fantastic tailoring. Bravo!

Parco Japan feat. Dresscamp A/W 2014 at Audi Fashion Festival 2014

video: Fash-Eccentric TV

AFF 2014: Roberta Pieri featuring Jonathan Liang

For once, I decided to arrive on-time at Tent@Orchard for the Roberta Pieri featuring Jonathan Liang show at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 for two reasons: I want my Haagen-Daz ice-cream and I felt like a massage on the Osim uDiva (can’t a girl be honest for once?). Unfortunately, the previous shows delayed the entire programme to almost two hours (whatttttt…) and we stood outside the tent until 7:00pm. On a positive note, I got my ice-cream and my massage. I hung out with the lovely Katherine from Bubba & Mama, an online magazine for babies and mothers during the pre-show. The show didn’t start until almost 8:00pm. We watched a short film (it felt more like a documentary) about the making of Italian leather bags by Roberta Pieri before the models marched out in a row along the runway to show off the leather goods. Honestly, the entire show left me feeling empty and uninspired. There has to be be a better platform to showcase these two promising brands. Just saying. 

Roberta Pieri feat. Jonathan Liang at Audi Fashion Festival 2014

video: Fash-Eccentric TV

AFF 2014: Farah Khan F/W 2014

It’s all about the swinging 60s, flirty, feminine sequinned creations at Farah Khan Fall/Winter 2014 show. It is no wonder why her frocks are such a hit with celebrities on the red carpet. The show started with a group of models marching down the runway in statement sweaters such as “Asia Rocks”, “Save The Future” and “Reach For The Stars”. I normally shy away from sequins but Farah Khan makes sequins so wearable and chic. I love the red-carpet worthy gowns in interesting 60s-inspired, art deco motifs. The show ended with a standing ovation from Farah Khan‘s fans and friends – as you can tell from the video below. A little birdie mentioned that, “Malaysian fashion shows are so much more fun” and I couldn’t agree more.

Farah Khan F/W 2014 at Audi Fashion Festival 2014

video: Fash-Eccentric TV

AFF 2014: Ong Shunmugam F/W 2014

I arrived super early at the Ong Shunmugam Fall/Winter 2014 show at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 today. So, I popped over to the Häagen-Dazs Singapore booth at Tent@Orchard to get myself two scoops of yummy ice-cream – ooh, Belgian Chocolate and Macadamia Nut! Today, Sally Hansen set up a speedy manicure booth and I couldn’t resist to get my nails done! What a treat. The Ong Shumugam F/W 2014 show started fashionably late (seems to be consistent with all the other shows) at 7:30pm but it was definitely worth the wait. The show kick started with the signature cheongsams with a twist – cropped tops! LOVE! Ong Shunmugam has refined her designs to embrace more simple, clean lines without losing her signature style. This collection gives a fresh, contemporary colour palette and silhouettes as compared to her previous collections. Ultimately, women will absolutely dig her new collection (because I totally want everything).

Ong Shunmugam F/W 2014 at Audi Fashion Festival 2014.

video: Fash-Eccentric TV

AFF 2014: Ashley Isham F/W 2014 featuring SK-II Ambassador Godfrey Gao

Ashley Isham showcased his Fall/Winter 2014 collection at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014It’s always fun to people-watch at Tent@Orchard before Ashley Isham‘s show. You’ll see the celebrities and socialites all dressed to the nines, and sometimes, eavesdrop on their ‘interesting’ conversation. I was anticipating SK-II Men Ambassador Godfrey Gao‘s appearance on the runway – what is he going to wear? Singapore pioneer models Jane Chong and Huda Ali walked the runway like a pro in the gorgeous, luxurious Ashley Isham gowns. Every time a male model appears, my heart skip a beat – is that Godfrey Gao? Sadly, no. However, there is a Godfrey Gao lookalike model who fooled me every time he turns up on the runway. Dammit. So, I continued to wait – they say, “Patience is a virtue”. Then, the lights dim…

Wait a minute, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS GODFREY GAO?! Let’s see, all the models fell flat on the runway (technically, I couldn’t see from where I was seated) and boom! Ashley Isham and Godfrey Gao appeared to skip around the models all the way down the runway. Hmm, I wasn’t expecting that! Godfrey, that’s cheating… you didn’t walk the runway! Anyway, how can I reason with a handsome face like that? I had good fun together with Sophia (The Make-Up Blogette), fan-girling for Godfrey Gao. Good night, world (it’s 1:00am zzz). Till tomorrow.

Ashley Isham F/W 2014 at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014

video: Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2014: Hansel F/W 2014

HAPPY, WHIMSICAL FUN. That pretty much sums up Singapore womenswear label, Hansel  F/W 2014 show at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014. It is a breath of fresh air to see models skipping down the runway, taking selfies with their Sony Xperia Z2 smartphones. hansel collection, Fairy Lights features the celebratory floral-light arrangement fairy lights in custom embellishments and prints. I instantly fell in love with the elegant yet versatile dresses in classic navy/white/multi-coloured  from the hansel collection. hello hansel interprets this season’s festive lights in String Lights, a playful fabric print in black/cream that features rows of twisting, curling fairy lights. I’m particularly fond of the two-piece set featuring a boxy top tucked into gathered culottes – something new from designer Jo Soh! Finally, hello hansel‘s printed rayon jersey range features Coiled Lights print, coils of multi-coloured fairy lights forming a polka-dot-esque motif on hues of royal blue or charcoal grey.

Hang on, I was eyeing those Rescue Buoy sunglasses that walked down the runway - are they on sale? I wonder.

Hansel Fall/Winter 2014 at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014

video: Fash-Eccentric

AFF 2014: Saturday F/W 2014

It’s DAY TWO at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014. It is easy to make a mental shopping list when you are watching the Saturday Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Designer Nic Wong has made me fall in love with his contemporary, understated yet unexpected designs in hues of grey, black and metallics. I can’t wait to get my hands on them – like right now.

Saturday F/W 2014 at Audi Fashion Festival 2014

video: Fash-Eccentric

BLUEPRINT 2014: 5 Things You Should Not Miss


BLUEPRINT 2014 marks its 5th year with more than 200 local and international womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and accessory labels  debuting their Pre-Spring 2015 collections starting today until Sunday, 18 May 2014 at Suntec City Convention Centre. You will be spoil for choice with the participating emerging and established designer brands from Singapore, Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. Trust me, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of brands and activities happening during fashion week. Well, I’m going to break it down to you on how to survive BLUEPRINT 2014 (without bursting your brain):

1. The Irish Fashion Heavyweights

For the first time, Irish labels, Nataliebcoleman and Emma Manley will be showing at BLUEPRINT 2014 for the first time. You’ll probably recognize Nataliebcoleman‘s designs at Europe and New York fashion weeks. She has garnered fans such as Mary J. Blige, Sharon Corr, Lily Cole  and the Rihanna for her contemporary, flirtatious silhouettes and special attention to detail, fabric and finish. Emma Manley was trained under Alexander McQueen and she offers an edgy femininity and tailored luxury juxtaposed strong contemporary silhouettes.

BLUEPRINT 2014: Emma Manley

Emma Manley (Ireland)

BLUEPRINT 2014: nataliebcoleman

nataliebcoleman (Ireland)

2. Shop Till You Drop: BLUEPRINT Emporium (17-18 May 2014, open to public)

Well, I look forward to shopping at BLUEPRINT emporium every year. This year, the public gets first dibs on more than 200 local and international designer labels never before available in Singapore until this weekend! Get your hands on samples, limited edition pieces as well as discounted off-season collections. It’s all happening at Suntec City Convention Centre, so mark your calendars and bring cash. I’m keeping my eye on Piers Atkinson‘s crazy head pieces!

BLUEPRINT 2014: Piers Atkinson

Piers Atkinson (London)

BLUEPRINT 2014: Matter Matters

Matter Matters (Hong Kong)

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AFF 2014: Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2014

It’s DAY ONE of Audi Fashion Festival 2014! I’m getting goose bumps all over again. Prabal Gurung opens the night with his Fall/Winter 2014 collection with his urban-tribal chic pieces in hues of burgundy, scarlet red, grey, white and orange inspired by the small republic of Mustang in the Himalayas. There are no rules when it comes to draping and layering with thick scarves, a feminine spin to the Buddhist monks’ robes. And, who can resist those playful feathered skirts? It is a great start to an exciting week of fashion, celebrities and of course, people-watching. Till tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.

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AFF 2014: Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2014

AFF 2014: Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2014

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