Sneak Peek: Gossip Girl Goes to Paris

I haven’t caught up with Gossip Girl in awhile. To be honest, the show got boring – and I lost interest. However, I was interested in the new season when I saw photos of Gossip Girl‘s set in Paris. Ahh, I love Paris! And yes, these kids are lookin’ fabulous in the fashion capital of the world. Here’s a sneak peek and tell me if they are good enough to keep you intrigued:

Blair Waldorf lookin’ chic and cute in Moschino. Continue reading

Bestest TV Style: Gossip Girl Returns in Style

Gossip Girl is back! YAY! Time to feed on my TV addiction (as if I’m not spending enough time with the idiot box!). Thanks to iTunes Store (best. invention. ever.) – I’m able to get my weekly episodes of GG. The first episode wasn’t a disappointment although I’m not sure about this ‘Carter’ character. I will not spoil it for you – let’s check out what’s in style in ‘Reversals of Fortune’:


Our favourite couple  – Chuck and Blair *sigh*


I’m digging that funky L.A.M.B. clutch and lace-up spectator booties on Blair.


I love love love that turqoise blue and ahh, that pink hat! Blair, gimme your wardrobe!


The ‘new’ couples in the show.


Don’t forget the ‘little ones’ too! Sorry Dan, no space for you because you suck.


Bestest TV Style: Week [16 – 22 Mar 09]

I’ve been pretty lazy catching up with all my favourite TV shows. Previously, I follow 7 to 8 TV series religiously – right now, I’m only watch a couple of my regulars. Gossip Girl is always on the list (doh!). I lost interest in 90210. I forgot that Ugly Betty is on air now (yes, will catch up soon!). Lipstick Jungle is off air. Hmm, I should really check out new shows like Bar Refaeli and Chanel Iman‘s new MTV show, House of Style. Talk about resurrecting old classic MTV favourites! I’m gonna tune in now. Meanwhile, do check out the bestest TV style (yes, we’re back!):

Gossip Girl: “The Age of Dissonance”

It’s time for theatrical style. With costumes like these, I’m up for drama!

Blair is gorgeous. Dan is annoying.

The boys look hot for once. Is it me or are they losing their sex appeal?

Two annoying characteres who deserve each other. Totally.


Gossip Girl Season 2: The High & Low

ARGH, why is Gossip Girl constantly on hiatus? Are you guys dying for more like me? Why is Dan Humphrey such a slut? Why is Serena so confusing? Why is Blair so meanly adorable? Why is Dorota so sweet? WHY? WHY? WHY? Well, word has it that the show will return on 16 March (gosh, why?). So before that, let’s take a look at the high and low of Season 2. Then again, I should start my weekly “Bestest TV Style” once again. I will, one day.

Watch “Basstalk”, just to get you excited about GG again.


Bryan Boy in Style: Magazine (December 2008)

The cat is out of the bag!

Yes, the secret is out. A month ago, we met Bryanboy who’s in Singapore for a highly confidential photoshoot. Now, we all know it’s for Singapore’s Style: Magazine (December 2008). I haven’t got my hands on it yet but I’ll go hunt it down this evening. Thanks to Carlos from Vogueite for the heads up! BB seems to be ecstatic about it when I conversed with him via our Facebook‘s walls. 10-pages of fashion glory! I’m utterly jealous – when am I going to be featured in a magazine? The narcissist is speaking. Enjoy the spread and go buy yourself a copy, cheapskate!

Can Blair Waldorf do this in this MJ dress?

Fash-E *hearts* BB xoxo

Dead sexy. My fave of the lot.

Dumb-Belle, lol!

Hmm. Interesting mix of prints.



Bestest TV Style: Week [13 – 17 Oct]

Sorry for the mini-hiatus. I’ve been ultra-busy (and I don’t even have classes!) with work and extra-curricular activities such as catching up with friends, writing for CNA, shopping with daddy and some reading. No Nintendo DS, I promise – in fact, I’ve to surrender it to my mum this weekend when I go back home. Malaysia, here I come! Gossip Girl returned last week with a bang! Unfortunately, 90210 and Lipstick Jungle were absent on Tuesday – I’m not sure why. But, I’m sure it had something to do with the U.S. Presidential Debate (Go Obama!). Let’s start the show shall we?

Gossip Girl S2: “New Haven Can Wait”

We hear that the boys and girls are on a field trip to Yale University. Fighting for a place in Yale can result in meeeeeeoooowwww and scratches! This has gotta be the best catfight you’ll ever witness since Valley of the Dolls. Ferocious!! Meanwhile, let’s take GG’s tip on preppy, ivy-league chic:

To be or not to be, Serena will give you the 101 if you’re applying for ivy league schools: Make sure you grabbed a sharp stripy blazer, large tote leather tote bag (for your important documents), jeans with boots (if you wanna look fierce yet creative), or a basic cashmere dress with white tights.

Blair takes a different style approach. She goes for the dark hues. Colours such as green and blue, specifically. It is important to wear knee-length skirts, if you have the legs to flaunt but not, too short – you never know if those legs can come in handy! Carry-on leather bags are a must to keep your portfolio. Blair wears Oxford pumps for the classic lady-like look. Take the cue from the missy who has prepared for this moment her entire life!

When in catfight, leave the headand at home. For the boys, take the cue from our favourite bad boy from the Upper East Side – Chuck Bass. He does have a thing for suits and bright colours. I think he looks really sharp.

Project Runway S5: Finale (Part 2)

It’s time for Bryant Park, ladies! New York Fashion Week, hello! This one of Project Runway’s first – a finale with three ladies. No men allowed! As you know, I’ve blogged about the finale show at Bryant Park awhile back. It’s funny how my favourites were from the three ladies – and my prediction was spot-on! Hurrah. It was very clever and sneaky for the producers to add three more collection to the show to misdirect us. Now, let’s see what the finalists have in-store for us:

Presenting, the winner of Project Runway Season 5: Leanne!!

She’s also my personal fave. Congrats, girl!

Korto whipped up the chrome dress in a day! She has the coolest runway music.

Kenley and her models. Too bad she didn’t win!

Kenley‘s collection on the runway.

Source: CWTV, BravoTV

Bestest TV Style: Week [29 Sept – 3 Oct]

Update: So, BB has yet to reply my email or sms. I guess he is either busy or just couldn’t be bothered. I don’t know. Well, that’s all for now.

We’re back for another week of Bestest TV Style. The best of fashion from my favourite TV shows, of course. Let’s just say Gossip Girl totally rocked the house last week with one of the biggest episodes ever with guest appearances such as Michael Kors (reportedly a big fan of the show) and socialite Tinsley Mortimer in her second appearance in the show. Lipstick Jungle introduced a hot new guy for my favourite character, Victory Ford. Let’s hope this goes somewhere! 90210 is still the same – nothing too exciting but clothes still look good. Project Runway S5 is heading to Bryant Park very soon. This is one emotional episode and a good one too. Can’t wait for what’s in store this week!

Gossip Girl: “The Serena Also Rises”

Michael Kors and Tinsley Mortimer is in the house!

Eleanor Waldorf‘s fashion show. Socialites saved the day!

Jenny Humphrey has cute dress, don’t you think? I love her BAG too!

Blair always rock the vintage-modern look. And, headbands are still ‘in’.

Serena rises again, as she’s the new Paris Hilton.

Lipstick Jungle: “Help!”

Nico‘s royal purple dress looks outstanding!

PRINTS! I like.

You don’t need to look powerful in a suit.


Imagine. Playing John Lennon.

90210: “Model Behavior”

Silver in silver. HAHA. I dig the fingerless leather gloves.

Mummy is a photog. And, she’s good.

Seriously. Do high school kids in Beverly Hills dress like that?

Stripes and bright red wedges. Sweet!

Project Runway S5: “Nature Calls”

Only four contestants left. The pressure is mounting. This week, contestants visit the Botanical Gardens and take photos of nature that will inspire their design. Here’s Jerrell‘s and Kenley‘s designs respectively.

Korto‘s and Leanne‘s. Can’t wait for Bryant Park!

Source: CWTV, NBC & BravoTV

Bestest TV Style: Week [22/9 – 26/9]

With the abundance of stylish TV shows, I decided to start this new “weekly” summary of the best fashion, hair, finds on my favourite TV shows. You can expect to see fabulous styles from Gossip Girl, 90210, Lipstick Jungle, Ugly Betty and etc. Here’s a quick recap of the bestest TV style for week 22/9 to 26/9:

Lipstick Jungle Season 2

The girls are back! Lipstick Jungle is back with sassier storylines, but same fabulous ladies. Season 2 started with a funeral, and three best friends chuckling away in the front row – now, that’s something you don’t see often at a funeral.

Funeral-chic. I guess black is mandatory at funerals. Make a statement with pearls or big, long, layers of necklace. Clutch-bag is easy – you don’t want to be bringing your entire ‘world’ with you.

Gossip Girl

Queen B, step aside because Queen S is taking over.

Blair’s style is impeccable. Can hockey look any hotter? Love the red bow belt.

Who’s the new girl in school? Naughty, naughty Dan Humphrey.

Headbands and navy skirts. Who loves the schoolgirl look?


Annie and Ty. I’m not too hot about their chemistry but they both look good.

Silver looks tomboy chic in this all-black get up.

Kelly and Brenda look ultra-good for their age! Cute dresses.

Silver in plum-colored clothing. The beret is kinda adorable.

Naomi has awesome clothes and a pretty face. I love this jacket with the dress.

Project Runway Season 5

This has to be the most interesting, and craziest challenge of Project Runway history. Each designer has to design an outfit inspired by a musical genre for another ‘designer’. You can imagine the chaos! It’s fun to see what their interpretation of each musical genre and some didn’t even “get it”. Leanne is Hiphop on the left, and Korto is Country.

Jerrell is rock ‘n’ roll. Kenley ‘Spears’ is Pop. She looks so different!!

Suede totally stole the show with his punk impersonation!

Source: CWTV, NBC, BravoTV

Welcome Back, Gossip Girl

*skips* Gossip Girl is back on 1st Sept with the brand new season. I’ve to say, the episode didn’t disappoint. I just realised how much I love the show and its clever witty script. “Karma is a bitch, and so is Blair Waldorf”. Classic. This season continues with more sex, more style and more tongue-lashing between my favourite ‘unrequited love’ couple, Blair and Chuck.

Cute summer look! I love the pink belt. The floral dress. Chuck and fedora.

Oh yeah. I miss the beach. Love the rattan picnic basket and retro-look.

Love hurts. Blair is looking blue after the summer break.

The White Party. We get it. Love love Blair’s dress and her head piece.

Serena’s golden locks intertwined with bling bling. Nice. Even Nate looks casual hot.

Wow. What do you call this? This actually works on Chuck.

Love her vintage-inspired pinup swimsuit! I want!

GG has endorsed bicycles as the next hot accessory! Time to break a sweat!

Mmm, a lovely green print summer dress. How come Blair’s got the best stuff?

That’s Tinsley Mortimer playing herself in GG. Cute gold clutch.

Jenny is back in the game.

Beach-chic. I wish my Bali wardrobe were as cool. Till next week, xoxo.

Sneak Peek: Gossip Girl Season 2

Are you counting down the days till the premiere of the new season of Gossip Girl? Because, I am! Here’s a sneak peek at their fabulous wardrobe:

Who’s that blonde chick?

Love that cute heart purse that Blair’s carrying!

Jenny looks uber-cute. Who’s that black chick?

Vanessa looks eccentric.

Jenny is wearing alot of flip flops.


Spotted: Leighton Meester on ‘Gossip Girl’ Set

(Photo: People)

In this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, there aren’t any memorable outfits (except for Serena‘s awful orange fingerless gloves). We finally got a taste of the ultimate be-yotch, and Serena‘s arch enemy, Georgina (played by Michelle Trachtenberg). Fortunately, we have a sneak peek at Blair‘s pretty outfit (see picture above) – nautical-inspired Bettie Page dress, Louis Vuitton bag and Eric Javits hat. I absolutely love the polka dot gloves and cute green scarf tied around her neck! Such an absolute cutie. I love love love.

OMFG! Gossip Girl is Back. Bolder. Bitchier.

The day has finally come! I kept refreshing my browser hourly to check if anyone has uploaded last night’s Gossip Girl on Youtube. Don’t blame me, blame the Internet! And, Singapore for being such a turtle when it comes to awesome TV shows. Anyway, I’m sooo glad that I can finally get my Monday (or rather Tuesday) fix of Gossip Girl’s sex, scandals and gorgeous clothes. Yesterday’s episode for totally smashin’ – and of course, a OMFG ending. Who’s G? Who’s Queen B again? Who’s gettin’ into trouble? More importantly, who’s wearing what – Fash-E has compiled the hot looks from yesterday’s The Blair Bitch Project episode:

Sweet ‘Little J‘ is the new Queen B. Her followers trotted along her side in their designer-clad clothes and cute stockings and socks! Now, here are the ‘school style’ necessities as we can observed here: Colour headbands, screaming, loud bags and gorgeous trench coats.

Shy, and humiliated over her recent dethroned from her clique. Blair covered up her shame, but she still looks ultra cute in that school blue coat with adorable puffy sleeves. Serena looks awesome in her blood orange knee-length flat boots (I want!), A-line plaid skirt (adding to the preppiness) and skin-tight leather jacket. Hmm, this will be my inspiration look for monsoon HK.

In this episode, Jenny looks ultra-snappy in her new get-up. I love the way she combines the cute polka-dot socks with white tights, plus red pumps! (This is another inspiration look that’s going into my book!) She looks good, but she’s not ONE to be messed with.

With the same plaid skirt, Serena changed into another black leather jacket and black boots. I love this look on her, it really defines Serena‘s style which sets her apart from the other girls.

So what are the boys wearing? Chuck, as usual… looking smart in his metrosexual checkered scarf and snazzy pants. He’s also trying to turn lil’ brother into one of his kind! BEWARE. Brotherhood, you say?

As you know, there’s a new girl in town. G. As played by Michelle Trachtenberg, G will wreck havoc in Serena‘s life and of course, provide us another style perspective. I’m liking the idea already, and I can’t wait for the next episode. Above is a sneak peek at how she looks like, and what she’ll be wearing





This is totally apt. Isn’t this the most fantabulous cover ever? Put the entire Gossip Girl cast in undergarments, and pose in orgy fashion. I need to get my hands on New York Magazine. What a brilliant way to sell your mags. Thank gawd for the end of the writer’s strike. I love TV.

(Photo: E! Online)