2012 V-Day Gift Guide: La Perla Spring Summer 2012

There is nothing sexier than La Perla to celebrate the perfect Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a lil’ sexy surprise for your girlfriend, La Perla offers glamorous and luxurious lingerie that will make both your imaginations go wild! There is something for everyone from La Perla Spring Summer 2012 collection. This collection is inspired by the 60s – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany’s. This season, lingerie explores bright pastels such as mimosa yellow, sky blue and pink peach. The idea of flowers such as rose and daisy motifs rule this collection juxtaposing clean, sophisticated style of Jackie O. So let the role-playing and hot, romantic night begin :)

#1: The Sexy Secretary: A little workplace romance is harmless (if both parties are single!). Every man loves the Sexy Secretary, don’t you? Pair this sexy lace chemise with a pencil skirt, and you’re good to seduce the “Boss”.

#2: The Sex Bomb: You’re confident. You know what you want. You’re in charged. My ultimate favorite! This fushcia bra and panties lace set is gonna bring the house down!

BUY NOW: Brazilian-cut lace and stretch-chiffon briefs & Lace and tulle underwired bra

#3: The Bondage Fantasy: Let’s put classy into Bondage, shall we? This mesh,black body suit with back panels is going to blow his mind!

#4: The MILF Love: Ok, I don’t really like using the acronym “MILF” but I can’t help it. With that Stepford Wife‘s hairdo, you’re gonna be purring for love in this nude and sky blue bra and bottom set. Be the dream housewife.

#5: The Virgin: Imagine being 16-years old and full of raging hormones! Head to the backseat of the car and play with the mindset of a young, virgin one.

#6: The Super Sweet 16: I absolute DIE for this pink peach lace bra! If your man loves a girl-next-door, this is the one will drive him nuts!

#7: The Sunshine Tease: You’re an outgoing, extroverted girl which boys love! Have some fun in the sheets with this mimosa yellow set :)

#8: The Blushing Bride: If you’re just getting married or already married, it’s time to replay the first night of the rest of your life. This all-white set is bound to set you both on fire.

#9: The Shy Lady: If you’re shy and anxious because it’s your first-time, wear this sheer, polkadot chemise and let him peel the layers off, one after another.

images: La Perla

Oh, Carla Bruni: Vanity Fair September ’08

This is not ‘new’ news. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy scored the coveted cover of September 2008 issue of Vanity Fair. The magazine called her the new Jackie O – and I say, she definitely is. She knows style. She knows glamour. And, she’s “imaginative, clever, educated… and knows how to behave” according to the one and only, Karl Lagerfeld. Do check out her photo spread photographed by Annie Leibovitz:

Isn’t she stunning? Love the striking red bustier gown.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, France’s First Lady, strikes a model’s pose on the roof of the Élysée Palace, in Paris.

Aww… this must be l.o.v.e.

“They are hunters who met—predators,” Karl Lagerfeld says of Bruni and Sarkozy. “When two like this meet, it can be good.”

I like a First-Lady who sings and composes. Sexy.

Carla composes songs on the guitar and piano in the private house she maintains in Paris’s 16th Arrondissement.


Photograph by Annie Leibovitz