Fash-Icon: Kate Middleton (a.k.a. Mrs Prince William)

As you know by now, PRINCE WILLIAM & KATE MIDDLETON ARE ENGAGED! Am I the only one excited in the fashion blogsphere? Then again, it’s not news… news… but I think it’s super exciting that I can live to witness a real-life royal wedding. This is super cool in my books (I’m such a dork). I could hear a million hearts break but hey, there’s one more Prince left! For the record, I think Prince Harry is wayyy hotter than Prince William. There is something about the ‘bad boy royalty’ appeal. Back to Kate Middleton – she have worked in fashion once upon a time, but she is still royalty chic in alot of ways. I think she represents the modern day Princess – and definitely earned her spot in the royal family. What do you think Princesses wear in this day? Kate will show us how… and it’s pretty ‘normal’ most of the time. Haha, she’s not Lady Gaga.

Congrats to the newly engaged royal couple! Don’t you love her blue Issa dress that coincidentally matches her 18-carat oval blue sapphire and white diamonds ring – once belonged to Princess Diana.

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