2013 La Perla Bridal Collection

You may be getting married in a super gorgeous made-to-order wedding gown or a Vera Wang. But once the party is over, you will enter a fresh, sexy phase of life with your significant other. In fact, you begin this beautiful bond in style. La Perla bridal collection presents the romantic bride with a couture accent of bows, lace inserts, hooks, strings, pleats and precious embroideries resembling antique medallions. You’ll be charmed by the collection’s vintage silhouettes and seductive tulle. Can you take the heat?

La Perla is located at Takashimaya SC, Ngee Ann City #02-12 (Tel: +65 6738 7531) and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #01-48/49.

2013 La Perla Bridal Collection

2013 La Perla Bridal Collection

2012013 La Perla Bridal Collection

images: La Perla

La Perla Fall/Winter 2012 Collection: Perfume of the Orient

Inspired by the grace of a Geisha partnered with Italian elegance, La Perla Fall/Winter 2012 collection, “Perfume of the Orient”oozes with Eastern eroticism in silk and lace. This sensual collection plays with Japanese elements such as obi belts, kimonos, lacquered screen patterns and fans in modern oriental style. From Chantilly lace to satin, La Perla always makes you feel beautiful and sexy inside with their striking lingerie and nightwear collection. It may not be Japanese but I’m glad that the Italian label is lusting over the East for inspiration. See the full collection on my Facebook Page.

La Perla is located at Takashimaya SC, Ngee Ann City #02-12 (Tel: +65 6738 7531) and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #01-48/49.

The Shanghai San covers the bits that matter.

The Shanghai San is inspired by the fan and created with Leavers lace and satin garments with nude colour strategic tulle inserts for a trompe-l’oeil effect.

The Kyoto Hana features beautiful floral patterns as elegant as Geishas.

This long Hanami silk robe is greatly inspired by the kimono.

The Segreto di Geisha is all about the lace and peek-a-boo moments.

A classic. Timeless is just the one for you.

The L’anno Del Dragone Asia is definitely fiercely Chinese.

images: La Perla


2012 V-Day Gift Guide: La Perla Spring Summer 2012

There is nothing sexier than La Perla to celebrate the perfect Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a lil’ sexy surprise for your girlfriend, La Perla offers glamorous and luxurious lingerie that will make both your imaginations go wild! There is something for everyone from La Perla Spring Summer 2012 collection. This collection is inspired by the 60s – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany’s. This season, lingerie explores bright pastels such as mimosa yellow, sky blue and pink peach. The idea of flowers such as rose and daisy motifs rule this collection juxtaposing clean, sophisticated style of Jackie O. So let the role-playing and hot, romantic night begin :)

#1: The Sexy Secretary: A little workplace romance is harmless (if both parties are single!). Every man loves the Sexy Secretary, don’t you? Pair this sexy lace chemise with a pencil skirt, and you’re good to seduce the “Boss”.

#2: The Sex Bomb: You’re confident. You know what you want. You’re in charged. My ultimate favorite! This fushcia bra and panties lace set is gonna bring the house down!

BUY NOW: Brazilian-cut lace and stretch-chiffon briefs & Lace and tulle underwired bra

#3: The Bondage Fantasy: Let’s put classy into Bondage, shall we? This mesh,black body suit with back panels is going to blow his mind!

#4: The MILF Love: Ok, I don’t really like using the acronym “MILF” but I can’t help it. With that Stepford Wife‘s hairdo, you’re gonna be purring for love in this nude and sky blue bra and bottom set. Be the dream housewife.

#5: The Virgin: Imagine being 16-years old and full of raging hormones! Head to the backseat of the car and play with the mindset of a young, virgin one.

#6: The Super Sweet 16: I absolute DIE for this pink peach lace bra! If your man loves a girl-next-door, this is the one will drive him nuts!

#7: The Sunshine Tease: You’re an outgoing, extroverted girl which boys love! Have some fun in the sheets with this mimosa yellow set :)

#8: The Blushing Bride: If you’re just getting married or already married, it’s time to replay the first night of the rest of your life. This all-white set is bound to set you both on fire.

#9: The Shy Lady: If you’re shy and anxious because it’s your first-time, wear this sheer, polkadot chemise and let him peel the layers off, one after another.

images: La Perla

DIM X agnès b. Collection in Singapore

“We are all made of stars“, sings Moby. How about agnès b. stars? In celebration of Parisian underwear label, DIM‘s 10th and 20th anniversary of the ‘Body Touch’ and ‘Pocket’ series, DIM X agnès b. will be launching this exclusive collaboration collection on November 4th at agnès b. Takashimaya, Level 2. I love how the collection is very agnès b with its classic star symbol. Personally, I love black lingerie and this is definitely up my alley! I am also crushing on the red polka dot lingerie set. Which is your favorite?

Inner wear can be fun too, says DIM X agnès b.

The signature agnès b. star print will be an instant hit.

You can be a pin-up girl!

images: agnès b. 

Calvin Klein Underwear’s Naked Glamour for Fall/Winter 2011

Is there anything sexier than naked? I wonder. Calvin Klein Underwear will be launching a new lingerie line, Calvin Klein Naked Glamour this fall. Busty, supermodel Lara Stone is the face of the new campaign and boy, she looks delicious! (Damn, that sounds really wrong). Get ready for “a sophisticated combination of luxurious fabrics with a hint of shine, subtly contrasted by feminine matte trims”. Trust me, you don’t feel entirely sexy until you’re truly sexy on the inside.

Aimer: Cami-Bra Collection in Singapore

I discovered Aimer, a luxury lingerie label recently when actress Gong Li fronted the advertising campaign. Founded in Beijing, Aimer is one of the leading lingerie labels in China and now, the label has arrived to our shores. I’m quite nit-picky when it comes to lingerie – the fit has to be good and of course, style is everything even for innerwear. The new Cami-Bra collection transform lingerie into outerwear without sacrificing style. Featuring 14 designs, Aimer ensures the three most important elements of lingerie design: sensuality, comfort and practicality. Surprisingly, I found Aimer‘s sheer lace very elegant and luxurious – best of all, comfortable. You can wear the Cami-Bra with low-neckline tops without feeling insecure. Here are some of the designs from the Cami-Bra collection:

images: Aimer


Perfect One by Victoria’s Secret

Who creates bras? Mad Scientists? Heidi Klum? How about BOTH?

In this viral video by Victoria’s Secret for the New! Perfect One bra, see Heidi Klum as a wacky ‘Mad Scientist’! Heidi plays Dr. Klum, the inventor of the Perfect One, and boy… can this lady be any crazier! I think she wears too many hats. This VS angel doesn’t look like she’s retiring anytime soon.

Who doesn’t want the Perfect One? I hate adjusting my bras.

Be a Sexy Passionata

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For all the anti-Vs, I feel you. In fact, I think I’ve only celebrated V-Day once in my life – simply because I was bored and I needed to go out. One of my most memorable V-Day celebration was with my poly friends in my 2nd year. Ironically, we all had tickets to Stella ArtoisStarlight Cinema but we surrendered them to our couple friends. As a result, the singletons headed down to Al-Ameen along Bukit Timah Road for some good Milo Dinosaur and Prata. Ahh, good ol’ days. Just so you know, I won’t be doing the whole V-Day thingy this year but my anniversary with Bubster happens to fall on 11 February :)

For all you attached ladies out there, it’s time to shop for sexy lingerie. I did ;) Passionata got my attention during my shopping trip at Tangs. Nobody knows lingerie like the French, right? This French label recently revamped its collection to target the young, sexy and affluent ladies with a naughty edge. Spice things up a little, and take a pick:

From the Passio Boudoir collection, this is my final choice :)

Are you feeling ‘bad’? Go black instead.

From the Passio collection, this is so adorable.

Wanna play young and innocent? Go white.

Sheer but not skanky.


Shiver Me Knickers! Agent Provocateur Goes Pirate

Blimey! Agent Provocateur strikes again. This time, Helena Christensen stars as a voluptuous ‘Pirate Queen’ in the newest Agent Provocateur video called (no surprises) ‘Pirate Provocateur’. You really have to experience this. According to Telegraph, “Pirate Queen Helena appears in a red lace basque, brandishing a dagger, and succeeds in seducing the captain of the ship who is unaware he is being robbed blind and facing a mutiny” – we totally agree that this is a “swashbuckling way to sell lingerie”.

Aye, who’s the boss now?

Arrrrrrr! Touch me one bit and you’ll walk the plank.

No quarter! Now, fight my knickers.

Yum. Never knew pirates can be so sexxxy. I’m soo gay for this.


Tying the Knot: Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur

Kate Moss is not your average bride. Rumours are looming in regards to her September wedding to fiance, Jamie Hince – that didn’t stop the “bride-to-be” from campaigning the ultra-sexy Agent Provocateur’s White Wedding range. The range includes “demi-bras, tasselled nipple ‘pasties’, tulle eye-masks, lacy thongs and baby doll nighties”. Definitely designed to please the man, and to stroke your virginal ego. In addition, Kate was featured in six experimental films entitled, The Happiest Day of Her Life’, that follows the demise of Moss’s big day, released online at SHOWStudio“. The following wallpapers are available for download at the Agent Provocateur website:

Sophie is playful with its pretty french lace and silky bows.

This sexy corset is named Kate. Will she be wearing this in September?

Katarina is one sexy lingerie. I love the white tulle with cute flowers. Cheeky! Definitely my favourite.

Err… let them eat Kate? Sounds really really ‘wrong’.

Be good, or get spank! Love the cheeky bottom.

(Photos: Agent Provocateur)